Author Jacqueline Rose

Jacqueline Rose is a happily married wife of 30+ years and mother of two wonderful daughters. Her professional career has supported educational opportunities and social justice reforms for over 20 years. Jacqueline's implementation of strategic planning and business plan has benefited the International School of Naples, Italy, Noel Compass Scholarship, and public school districts in Maryland and Wisconsin. The inquisitive nature of Jacqueline's personality has enabled a life inhabiting many geographical locations within the United States and Europe. She enjoys exploring various cultures, ideologies, and the intersectionality of how daily life overlaps with a vast number of unexpected experiences. Jacqueline's commentaries are purposeful to resonate with readers to reflect, motivate, and encourage the desire for lifelong learning and empathy toward a heightened understanding of the learning process for all ages. Her poetry and journalistic op-ed articles for the Stevens Point Area news media outlets and Annapolis, Maryland P.T.S.A (Parent, Teacher, and Student Association) has led to strong relationships for continued business interactions and educational opportunities. The submissions become affirmations for collaborations and positive outcomes.