Sunday to Sunday: Fall 2015-Week 4


When your outfit matches your pole set up and your focused on catching the big one- Travis Frohlich

Had dinner at Eureka! with my friends after an amazing Halloween weekend -Angelica Cramér

Santa Barbara City College’s Soccer Team, The Vaqueros practice for their upcoming match with the Sylmar’s Citrus College Owls.- AJ Skiles

​My cousin RJ passed away heroically fighting against Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. On Sunday we celebrated his life and his love for Superhero’s, Goldfish and Tic Tac’s. – Robin Berger ​


Antioch’s Latino Student Association helped us celebrate Dias de Los Muertos and built beautiful altars for this special occasion. -Sujin Chon

It doesn’t matter that it’s 7am on a Saturday; it’s always a great day for some SHL hockey. –Rasmus Hallgren

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Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you may bump into some gorgeous furry creatures while wine tasting at Kunin Wines .- Marta Waldrop Bergman

Americans will spend $7 billion to celebrate Halloween this year, and spending $2.5 billion only on costumes. No wonder the woman to the left is smiling when cash is walking by. -Jimmy Waern

Long days at AUSB calls for coffee at French Press across the street – cheers to that!-Henriette Skådinn

Grey skies make the perfect backdrop for some fun with color bombs. -Kari Jensen

“Take a photo while we look pretty” – Carolina Bengtsson

“Halloween vs Dia De Los Muertos: While some get drunk and crazy, others remember and celebrate their dead” – Daniel Iszak

“Though rarely seen, this large Sphinx moth is common to the Santa Barbara area. They are known to hover midair while feeding on nectar from flowers which is why they are often mistaken for hummingbirds. – Jasmine Maggard

Halloween celebration at EOS, downtown Santa Barbara. Good drinks and better people!


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