Sunday to Sunday: Fall 2015-Week 5


Sunday evening people and cars make for interesting patterns in front of the recently opened Caffe Primo,downtown Santa Barbara.- AJ Skiles

Antioch explorers on our way to Boathouse – Carolina Bengtsson

” Our BA Chair Dawn Murray holds no fear out in the field this past Tuesday with AUSB ‘s Fall Natural History Class! “- Avanti Alias

Family manners. Taking a stroll coastline with my brother and mom (taking the picture). The beach is better in the rain. –Hannah Cooper

People are walking by and are either not noticing, or ignoring the fact that this should not be a normal sight on State Street. It’s only normal when people of a culture accepts it by ignoring the homeless sleeping at 2 PM, instead of doing something about it. – Jimmy Waern


There are times when you accidentally try to feed murals in Abbot Kinney  iced coffee and they refuse to accept the offer. –Marta Bergman

Good vibe a Sacred Space in Summerland, CA. -Sujin Chon


When you can’t grow your own mustache during Movember — prostate cancer awareness month — you have pretend that your finger is one. Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men in the US with nearly 2.8 million American men living with the disease. Make your donation to the Movember Foundation here. –Rasmus Hallgren

Through the eyes of a Tanzanian local on a service trip to Africa a few years back- Robin Berger

Happy face in Brentwood, LA before being admitted to the ER with food poisinging couple of days after. Lession: Health never feels better than after being really ill. And enjoy your coffee when you can! – Henriette Skådinn

Trying to eat your birthday cake but then it tries to eat you. Travis Frohlich

“Not bad seats for my first NBA game. I learned that Blake Griffin uses his hands when arguing with referees.” – Jasmine Maggard

Behind every face and every portrait there is a story, and as a photographer it is your job to find it. –Kari Jensen

Spending my day in the Luria Library at SBCC to get some studying done with my roommate- Angelica Cramér

Amtrak train along Gaviota coast. Jessica Kennedy

“Time for a clean-up”-Daniel Iszak


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Kari Jensen is a recent graduate of Antioch University Santa Barbara where she pursued a Bachelors degree in Psychology. Throughout her academic journey she has taken the opportunity to express her interests in sustainable food & drink trends writing articles for Antioch’s Odyssey Online and exercising her professional photography skills. With a passion for social justice, she volunteers for the Freedom to Choose Foundation as a social media intern promoting education for second chances. Kari seeks to incorporate her heart-driven personality with her academic voice to make a difference in the lives of others.

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