Sunday to Sunday: On The Hunt


Spring 2017, Week 2

This week, as a country, we employed thousands accountants On The Hunt for tax deductions, and deployed the “M. O. A. B.” On The Hunt for terrorists. As a Sunday to Sunday staff and community, we enjoyed holidays and time set aside – On The Hunt for respite from it all.

“On The Hunt for my grandma’s Ukrainian hand-painted Eggs, with a little help.” (Carpenteria,CA) –                Andria Kester


“On The Hunt…for a perfect salad.”  (Local farmer’s market, Santa Barbara)  – Bobby Georges


“On The Hunt for some relaxation and peace; I found them underneath the sunset and the Palm Trees.”  (East Beach, Santa Barbara) – Damon Hickman


“Little hands On The Hunt for treasure at Hendry’s Beach.” – Bronwyn Wallace


“Spent Easter Sunday hunting for new hiking spots in Malibu.”  – Anniken Andersen


“On The Hunt for loop-holes as Federal Tax Day approaches.” – Bronwyn Wallace


“On The Hunt for new recipes.” ( Local Catch, Homemade Poke )  – Yann Le Maitre


“Beach combing: A gentle hunt.” (Hope Ranch Beach, Santa Barbara) – Bronwyn Wallace





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Bronwyn Wallace joins The Odyssey Online as part of Antioch's BA to MACP Pathway program. She enjoys live music, theatre, art, kids, soccer, sunsets, beaches, hearing the Santa Barbara Mission bells every morning, and being an idealist. She looks forward to a time when each person's unique contribution to society is valued and their "packaging" - is only as important - as any other kind of gift wrap.

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