Sunday to Sunday: Spring 2016, Week 6




For this week’s Sunday to Sunday I chose portraits as the topic. I believe portraits are a fun and powerful way to connect with people in a non-verbal way, as well as capture emotions, personality, and creativity in a single photograph. Actually it’s more than that–according to Georgia Institute of Technology, research show that pictures with human faces on Instagram are 38% more likely to receive likes because of the communication and engagement it shares with the viewer. To see last week’s winner, click here!

–Carolina Bengtsson



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Nicole Cohen

Nicole is a Vegas native but after spending most of her life in Sin City she was ready for a change, she packed up and left for Santa Barbara, California. It has now been four years since then and she is hoping to graduate within the year as a Liberal Arts Major with a concentration in Communications and Media. Nicole currently interns for a Nonprofit called "Freedom to Choose". When she finds free time in between classes and interning Nicole can be found traveling different cities throughout California on the weekends, exploring new hiking trails, shopping at the local farmers markets, or in her apartment cooking up some delicious vegetarian entrees. Her life is full of new experiences!

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