Sunday to Sunday: This Earth


Spring 2017: Week 3

This week, ‘Earth Day’ in Santa Barbara, with the late April sunshine, offered all of us at Sunday to Sunday a chance for pausing to connect, recommiting to protect, and feeling ever-blessed in our favorite borrowed spots       and our own beautiful place – on This Earth.

“Wandering through the hills. Taking in the views.” (Rattlesnake Canyon,Santa Barbara)  – Sarah Humphreys


“Cool, intertidal tilt on Earth Day.” ( Santa Barbara Coast) – Chakib Youcefi


“His first time at ‘Earth Day Festival’ in Santa Barbara.” – Anniken Andersen


“Uprooted and  in the fog, an old tree hangs over the bluffs near Mesa Lane .”  (Douglas Preserve, Santa Barbara)  – Bronwyn Wallace


“Mother Nature showing off.” (Carpinteria Salt Marsh) – Andria Kester


“Spending ‘Earth Day’ lost in nature.” (Cold Springs Trail, Santa Barbara) – Yann Le Maitre


“This Earth–our Earth–is filled with so much beauty and light. We are lucky to be here!” – Damon Hickman


“Sunset, ocean, and friends: All are a vital part of This Earth. All of them are equally Important to cherish and to protect.” – Chakib Youcefi





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Bronwyn Wallace joins The Odyssey Online as part of Antioch's BA to MACP Pathway program. She enjoys live music, theatre, art, kids, soccer, sunsets, beaches, hearing the Santa Barbara Mission bells every morning, and being an idealist. She looks forward to a time when each person's unique contribution to society is valued and their "packaging" - is only as important - as any other kind of gift wrap.

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