Sunday to Sunday: Winter 2016, Week 3


Antioch students Kris, Rob and Chris relaxing at the heart of Santa Barbara – Niklas Knoph



Every weekend I take the time to make myself a delicious breakfast after a rough week at Antioch University. This gives me a lot new energy so I’m ready to kick ass the upcoming week! – Anniken Tronstad



ATVing in Pismo Beach with friends. – Mederic Laurent



The capstone morning class working hard on our research papers! – Erin Maloney


Palm trees and blue skies makes going to campus at 9am seem like a breeze. – Nicole Cohen



Lotus Land Service Learning are a great volunteering combo. – AJ Skiles



It’s comfortable while studying. So shut your face. – Märta Bergman



On set of the new Jason Bourne movie, taking Las Vegas Boulevard over. – Dimitri Chalupka



Mountain Lion Tracks at Gaviota State Park. – Tamlorn Chase



Two Italians at the grocery store. – Lorenzo Balestrini



So close but so far, so familiar but so different..that place I can’t leave but can’t stay.. My home and my tragedy.. Italy.. – Gianlorenzo Caruso



A nice shape of waffles to start a good day. – Helen Rosales



Living life on the edge in Big Sur. – Sammi Beach



Student-less life on a Saturday at Antioch. – Jessica Kennedy



Heading to out to class. Which direction do you see the stairs pointing? Up or down? I see opportunity is both directions. – Hannah Cooper



Tires screaming at the speed of 110mph. – Andy Chan



Isa Oestman Olai hard at work in the library of Antioch University. – Linda Sturesson


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AJ Skiles

AJ moved from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara over 20 years ago. A Liberal Arts major, with a concentration in Communication and Media – AJ has found a new passion for writing while at Antioch University, Santa Barbara.  AJ’s other passions include traveling and visiting the National Parks, movies of all kinds (especially sci-fi movies), and foraging for wild mushrooms in the redwoods.  In another life, AJ used to clean carpets for the stars, including Steven Spielberg, John Candy, and former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger – true story. While AJ was fired from that job, he still knows how to properly clean carpets and rugs.

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