Sunday to Sunday: New Year


Winter 2017, Week 2

2016 has come to a close, this is how the Odyssey students feel about the New Year.

One of my New Years resolutions is to go on more walks with friends. It’s so therapeutic! This photo is taken on Channel Drive in Montecito – Anna Anthun

A beautiful start to the New Year by spending it with my family in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – Jillian Fowler

Finny smells the New Year on the horizon – Katelyn Boisen

Started the New Year in Vancouver, Canada. I’m planning on making 2017 the year of travel! – Lia Durham

My friend drank this fat burning lemonade one of the first days in 2017. New year’s resolution: Eat better – Ine Hansen

I celebrated New Years early in Sacramento at a Kings vs. 76ers game at the new Golden 1 Center! – Damon Hickman

A New Year brings new cookbooks – Bobby Georges

I found some snow in Big Bear for New Years, made it feel like I was home in Norway – Anniken Andersen

Rang in the new year with some giant Santa Cruz redwoods, here’s hoping 2017 brings more – Caroline Smith

This year I’m taking advice from Ms. Clinton and prioritizing my passions above anything else – Alicia Briggs

Inspiration Point – Julie Nataas

Traveling was my best memory of 2016…2017 is the year of new adventures – Sammi Beach

Calm before the storm on Saturday night – Travis Frohlich

There is hope. Even fore the grayest of towns – My Hometown – Oscar Carleson


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Lia Durham

Lia Durham was born and raised in Santa Barbara. She is a Liberal Arts major with a concentration in Communication and Media. Her true passion lies with film. One of her favorite directors is Paul Thomas-Anderson. He has directed two of her favorite movies Boogie Nights and Magnolia. The way he is able to push the boundaries of storytelling really speaks to Lia. She would love to create movies of her own one day. For now she is happy with watching movies and writing about them.

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