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Four ways to extend your perfume scent.

I’m an avid perfume-wearer seeking to find a way to make my perfume last. In a recent Free People article written by Brigette, we are given an in-depth look at tips to create long-lasting perfume.

  1. Moisture the skin– Brigette suggests that your type of skin affects the longevity of your perfume. It is best if you have oily skin. A moisturizer or scented is otherwise suggested.

     2.  Apply to pulse points-The aim of wearing perfume is to smell nice and keep the smell long after it was spritzed. So why does perfume seem to not have lasting affects on the average perfume wearer? The answer lies in the application process. Perfume is activated by heat. Thereby, it is pertinent to spritz the perfume in these areas.


     3. Do not rub– Most people don’t apply perfume correctly. To keep the scent remaining long after use, it is advised that one should not rub both wrists together, after spraying. One should apply to both wrists and then allow the perfume to dry. Below is a video describing the application process.

4. Perfume storage– Brigette suggests that perfume can become less fragrant, due to direct sun-exposure. Making sure to store perfume in a cool place is ideal.



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