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Our Google Analytics Winners of Winter Quarter 2016

    1: “Life From A Bullie’s Perspective”

The plight of Pitt Bulls, and why this resonates so strongly compared to other articles on the Odyssey. According to the numbers behind this story, Millennials were particularly touched by this story as opposed to the older demographic. But why?

To start with, the arrest of NFL star Michael Vick exposed the shadowy world of dog fighting to a new generation. An age group that tends to be more politically and socially active then their Gen X predecessors. Secondly, with the advent of social media this type of story immediately went viral. Where as in the past, this would have most likely appeared in the national news for a day or two then subsequently relegated to the “old news” category. Finally, Pit Bulls are hip. From Gangsters to mascots, everybody likes the underdog and the younger generation is no exception.

Life From a “Bullies” Perspective

    2: “From Thug to Scholar: Antioch Professor Says it Starts at Home

Another article that gained attention was a story written about an ex-gangster and his journey from gang member to philosophy professor.

Many Raya is a 34 years-old professor at Santa Barbara City College and Antioch University Santa Barbara. Raya grew up in a broken home and rough neighborhood, which led him into the gang life. Like many kids in rough neighborhoods, join a gang is a very common yet truth.

After discovering his mother in critical health, Raya knew that teaching philosophy was his calling. Raya now owns a company called “Turf 2 Surf,” which helps keep kids out of the streets and into the water learning how to surf. Raya continues to inspire students as well as the Santa Barbara community with his life story.

From Thug to Scholar: Antioch Professor Says it Starts at Home

    3: “BA Graduates of 2015, Where Are They Today?”

Graduating is an exciting thing. What is even more exciting after that, is exploring the field you graduated in and hopefully getting the job you were hoping for. A group of Odyssey students have contacted some of the BA graduates of 2015 to see what they have been up to after their graduation.

It is great to read how all of the graduates were able to get a job in their field of study, which gives future graduates more motivation as well. But what is even greater, is that Antioch University still pays attention to their alumni whereas many universities lack that part.

BA Graduates of 2015, Where Are They Today?


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