I’m So Sick of This Election- But I Can’t Afford Not to Vote and Neither Can You



Too Fed up to Vote? Here’s What’s at Stake If You Don’t

The past year has felt almost unreal as a result of the media circus that the presidential race has turned into. It’s gotten to the point where I refuse to turn on the news because I can’t believe what I’m hearing is not just an SNL skit, but the reality of American Politics. This race will go down in history as a first for many things, and only a few of them are positives.

We just want Election day to be over, but with it right around the corner, the reality of our situation and the fate of our country hangs in the balance. I often hear “both candidates are evil, so I’m not voting.” While you might have wished it was Senator Sanders up there, there isn’t one bit of evidence that Secretary Clinton is remotely on the same level as Mr. Donald J. Trump. It’s disheartening and baffling to think that this is actually used as a justification and that these two candidates qualifications are somehow even being compared. Secretary Clinton is one of the most qualified candidates in history, and the first woman in history to make it this far in the race. Although her corporate ties have deemed her corrupt in the media, it’s important to truly examine the facts of her life long involvement in politics:  how that has shaped where she is today, and what she can do for us now.

Mr. Trump has offended, harassed and attacked almost every group of people you can think of. He’s joked about and been accused of sexual assault. He’s openly and proudly racist, sexist and homophobic. It’s undeniable that his hugely publicized rhetoric has caused damage to our nation, but that damage is nothing in comparison to what would result if he was elected.


What’s At Stake if Trump is Elected:

Climate Change: Thinks it’s a “hoax.” So I think it’s safe to say that literally nothing would be done to improve what should be a top priority for everyone.

LGBTQ Rights: He’s against marriage equality, transgender equality, and laws preventing discrimination. Not to mention, his running mate Mike Pence, previously championed a law discriminating against LGBTQ people in Indiana based on religious freedom.

Immigration: As he stated so famously, Trump is vowing to build a wall as a serious solution to illegal immigration from Mexico, and deporting, as well as banning, muslims from entering the country.

Women’s Rights: Having condoned and now been accused of sexual assault, as well as dismissing extremely sexist comments as just locker room talk, I think it’s safe to say that women’s rights are not a concern for him. His candidacy also started a movement in favor of repealing women’s right to vote.

Reproductive Rights: Threatened to shut down the government over funding Planned Parenthood. Mike Pence also passed an Indiana law making abortions extremely restrictive, which includes requiring doctors to offer their patients the remains of the fetus post abortion.

Terrorism: His solution involves bombing ISIS and bigger military. One notable suggestion for preventing terrorists was when he suggested killing their family members, which is a war crime, in response.

You might not agree with what Trump says, you might think it’s horrible or that it’s a joke, but still feel too frustrated to vote. You might be in a position to have the privilege of not being affected by his proposed actions because of your gender, race, sexual orientation, citizenship, or socio-economic status. But the majority of the people in this country would be horribly affected and cannot afford to skip out on the election. It’s important to remember the bigger picture when considering whether or not you are going to weigh in come November 8th. Not voting is voting for Trump in such a close race.

It’s less than a week until Election day, so make sure your ballots are mailed in, or get out and vote on November 8th. Your voice has never mattered more.



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Alicia is a senior in the BA program at Antioch University Santa Barbara. She is studying Professional and Creative Writing and Psychology. Alicia grew up in Portland, Oregon and has also studied at Antioch Los Angeles. A social justice warrior from a young age, she is passionate about fighting for the under dog through writing, education and activism. Alicia currently writes for the Santa Barbara Independent as a News Intern. In her free time she enjoys traveling, reading, and spending as much time exploring the outdoors as possible.

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