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As Antioch Students, we could not resist visiting the 3rd Annual Antioch University International Food Fair that took place on April 18, 2005. The event was put together by the International Ambassador committee at SBCC and they did a very good job presenting their project. Along with many other enthusiastic food lovers and cultural explorers we tried dished form all around the world. To be more precise, the dishes came from multiple different countries such as Sweden, China, Korea, America, Mexico, Japan and Italy. We wanted to gain understanding for why and how these dishes represent their country, and a perspective of what the overall visitors thought of the food fair.

Vendor’s Perspectives and Responses

Where is the food from: China

Why did you choose the dish(s) you’re serving today?
-We made a homemade spicy tofu dish called Mapo Tofu. In addition to that we made cold rice noodles with cucumber, sesame, and garlic water.

How does this food represent your culture?
– Mapo Tofu one of the most popular dishes in China but is not recognized as a common Chinese dish. We choose to serve rice noodles because it is considered a popular snack. We didn’t want to go with something stereotypical such as dumplings or orange chicken because we wanted our guests to experiencing something new.

Where is the food from: Mexico

Why did you choose the dish(s) you’re serving today?
Ceviche which is a seafood/salad dish that consists of raw fish, lemon/lime juice, chili peppers, seasoning, chopped onions, salt, coriander. We also prepared chips and salsa.

How does this food represent your country?
– Today is a hot day and it’s a simple plate that everyone could enjoy. Chips and salsa come to almost every dish so we couldn’t avoid serving it.

Where is your food from: Sweden

Why did you choose this dish(s) you’re serving today?
– We wanted to go with something typical Swedish so we went with Swedish meatballs and a very appreciated Skagen Toast which is toasted bread served with a nice paste combined with mayonnaise, sour cream, shrimp, dill and extra spices.

How does this food represent the your country?
– It’s a typical west coast dish that is eaten during summer and commonly associated with the ocean. It’s easy to make and convenient for students.

Participant’s Perspectives and Responses

Questions asked to Participants
1. What made you come here today?
2. Did you try any new food today?
3. What was your favorite dish?  Explain it with one word.

Alex Froderberg (AUSB International Student)

1. Experiencing different cultures through food
2. Yeah, I actually tried a Greek dish, dolma. I’d never tried that before
3. Skagen Macka – from Sweden “explosion in my mouth

Peter Stewart (Atascadero Resident)

1. The opportunity to try cuisine from around the world
2. Skagen Macka – from Sweden
3. Tiramisu – from China “delightful

Ronja Kadir (SBCC International Student)

1. Want to taste new food from different parts of the world
2. Japanese, buckwheat noodles
3. Buckwheat noodles “addictive

Anna Eklund (International visitor, Sweden)

1. Free multi-cultural experience, meet people and see about their culture
2. Chinese spicy tofu
3. Sushi – sushi with a twist, flavors exploding in your mouth “exotic

Anna Huff (Marina Del Rey Resident)

1. Ended up at the festival randomly, friends encouraged visit
2. Bruschetta, buckwheat noodles in soy broth, guacamole
3. Bruschetta, “satisfying

The International food fair was a success and there was nothing but good food, happy people, and big smiles. We didn’t know what to expect given that we’ve never experienced this food fair. We’re anxious to be there again next year. For those who seek new cultural experiences or who enjoy a free meal, we would highly recommend joining us at the Antioch University International Food Fair in the future.


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