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Just a few steps away from Antioch, there is the only one place that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner the French way. Santa Barbara is an amazing multicultural city, with great culinary restaurant, from Thai, Spanish, Italian, Mexican, American, and French. If you ever wondered where to go for a good breakfast, and perfect lunch or an amazing dinner, for either a date or just hanging out with friends, the answer is Pacific Crepes, right next to Antioch University.

Pacific Crepes

Pacific Crepes

A cup of espresso to start up your day

A cup of espresso to start up your day

When I first moved here, I was searching for a good French restaurant, which would be affordable, and with some food that would be close to what I can eat home. Pacific Crepes was my first choice, as I was eating crepes almost once a week in France. After going there multiple times, the owner, Yvan, became one of my really good friends. He was born and raised in France, but always loves coming to California to surf. When he had the opportunity of moving here, he took it right away. What he decided to bring, aside from his French attitude is a little bit of the culture from Brittany, the part where he grew up in. I really loved his crepes, and I decided to share it with you, as it is so close from Antioch, that everyone should know about it by now.

Start your day with a Breakfast “A la Parisienne”, with a basket of bread, and some jam. Nothing more French than a cup of coffee, with a toast of baguette dipped inside. For coffee, I was surprised of the large choice that they are offering. It goes from cappuccino all the way to a caramel mocha. My favorite one is the house cappuccino, made out of the house coffee and the house made whipped cream, which is like nothing you ever tasted, I can bet on it. Of course, fruit crepes, or even savory crepes with eggs and bacon will full you for the rest of the morning.

The Martinique crepes, a way to impress "votre amour"

The Martinique crepes, a way to impress “votre amour”

When it comes to lunch and dinner, there is a large selection of savory crepes, but my favorite thing is to make my own crepes, and with the large choice of ingredients, it is always different. They also offer some soups made from scratch, which is pretty good too. The menu is so large that there is nothing I can recommend more than just trying it out.


The best part of Pacific Crepes, at least for me, is when it comes to the deserts crepes. There is nothing more typical French than Nutella crepes, or a butter and sugar crepe. For those who want something light, I would definitely recommend the lemon squeeze, which is very refreshing and easy to digest. But, for those who are courageous enough to have a huge and amazing desert, I really encourage you to try the

The Ambassador, the best crepe I ever tasted

The Ambassador, the best crepe I ever tasted

“Ambassador”. The Ambassador is a crepe filled up with some home-made pastry cream, and it is delicious. On top of it, they add some freshly cut strawberries, and it is worth the try.

I really hope that you will consider trying one of my favorite restaurant, and especially one of the most famous French dishes: the crepe. If you decide to trust me, don’t forget your Antioch ID, as students gets a 20 percent discount, and go practice your French at Pacific Crepe, located at 705 Anacapa. Bon Appetit.


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