Short Film: “Fresh Paint”


Art In Process

With inspiration from social media platforms, local painter and graffiti artist Tyler Hanson (19) creates arts either for the walls or on the walls. He spends most time painting at home either sitting on the floor or standing in the kitchen. “Being an artist in Santa Barbara is great, you find a lot of time to make art and there are several opportunities to do it”. For a few weeks Tyler had an art show in the Funk Zone, which is something he wishes to do again.

Graffiti art has been different to do here since there are not many places to spray paint in this town. This does not stop Tyler who said, “I guess things are more fun to do when they are not legal. It wouldn’t be any fun if you didn’t walk away from the wall stressing about it”. The underground art is more popular in larger cities, but is still something we can find in the corners of Santa Barbara. Tyler also mentioned how he find it weird to be a felony when all you do is put paint of a wall. Well said!

To read more about art in Santa Barbara, check out The Funk ZoneBy doing graffiti you are, according to the police, creating a crime scene. Check out this article in Noozhawk about graffiti done in Santa Barbara and the consequences.


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Elisabeth is an award-winning documentary filmmaker from Norway getting her degree in Communication & Media at Antioch University. She has always had a passion for visual storytelling. Elisabeth is hard working, passionate, and never gives up until she reaches her goals. As an music video production intern in West Hollywood, she hopes to pursue a carrier as a producer after her graduation in June. Elisabeth is hard working, passionate, and never gives up until she reaches her goals.

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