California Strawberry Festival


Strawberry Festival

Have you ever tasted strawberry beer? Or have you had a strawberry cake thrown in your face? I have never experienced one or the other until now. The lack of this, well let’ s call it unusual, experience combined with my love for strawberries and everything with strawberries in it made me decide to visit the California Strawberry Festival in Oxnard last weekend.

The California Strawberry Festival has been a local tradition for a few years now, benefiting various local charities and providing a weekend of craziness and fun for strawberry enthusiasts of all ages. Visitors can taste a variety of foods containing strawberries, think about a strawberry pizza or a strawberry funnel cake. Local bands provide musical entertainment and contests around the strawberry are offered. Ever dreamed of dressing up as a giant berry? Or about creating your very own strawberry shortcake creation? Well this festival is your chance to do it.

    I have heard about the event every year since I moved here and this year I was determined, and nervous as I must confess, to try it out. After a hot drive on this very warm Sunday I made it to the strawberry meadows in Oxnard. Leaving the car I was greeted by the delicious smell of sugar, sun and strawberries. The amount of food there really is breathtaking, I never imagined there are that many variations of serving strawberries. Although I did not try everything, I got around to enough stands that I can say I am filled up on strawberries, in all variations, for a while. Besides the yummy food I loved the contests and witnessing people eating a whole strawberry shortcake in less than five minutes, without the use of their hands, really is an experience.

Although I still have not had a strawberry cake thrown in my fake, an adventure I will pass on for now, visiting the festival has been fun. If you love strawberries, if you want to throw some pie or if you are looking for a fun alternative to spend a weekend you should visit the festival next year. For more information on their schedule and on the charities supported, please visit the official website.


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