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ONTRApalooza: The Modern Marketing Summit 2016 is an Event put on by Ontraport That Gives Entrepreneurs a Chance to Take Their Businesses to the Very Next Level.

ONTRApalooza is a three day event hosted every year by Ontraport. You get access to groundbreaking insight and strategies from well- known professionals all over the world. It is designed for entrepreneurs to take their businesses even further through learning strategies that will create high success and exponential growth. This year’s speakers ranged from Sophia Amoruso the founder of Nasty Gal, Marc Radolph the Co- Founder of Netflix, and much more.

Marc Randolph, the Co- Founder of Netflix, speaking on the main stage at ONTRApalooza 2016.

Marc Randolph, Co- Founder of Netflix, speaking at the main stage of ONTRApalooza.

I was so fortunate enough to attend this year’s ONTRApalooza being the young 24 year old I am. At first, I was a little intimidated. I stood out like a sore thumb. I was by far one of the youngest attendees at the event as I was surrounded by well- known business professionals and marketing experts from all over the world. I knew I had to use this to my advantage by using this intriguing aspect of myself and asking the right questions. When I approached these people they were filled with desire to know who I was and were very willing to share their knowledge with me. Business card after business card, interview after interview, I knew I finally had my “in.” After socializing with all of these incredible entrepreneurs and marketers, it was time to take note of the amazing seminars and workshops I had ahead of me. It was as if I had just entered this whole new world of what it’s like to start my very own business. Each seminar were about forty- five minutes long, fifteen minute breaks in between, and then rushing to the next seminar or workshop. People had their laptops out, coffee constantly brewing, and ideas flowing throughout the entire Fess Parker conference rooms.

Jenny Schatzle and I after watching her incredible seminar at the 2016 ONTRApalooza.

Jenny Schatzle and I after her incredible seminar at the 2016 ONTRApalooza.

I was given the opportunity to interview one of the speakers, Jenny Schatzle, who has started her very own fitness and nutrition program in Santa Barbara. It is called the Jenny Schatzle Program that focuses on every type of person and it completely redefines how people look at themselves. Jenny started her own business back in 2012 and it has now expanded from a local program to a global movement. They are six- week long sessions that involve workout classes, nutrition plans, and life motivation to help you find your true potential. Or how Jenny would say it, “Finding your inner- AWESOME!”

I asked Jenny how she uses Ontraport for her thriving business. Jenny responded, “We became a part of Ontraport because we got invited to ONTRApalooza in 2015 last year and we were really impressed with what they were doing and we grew our business a lot in a year. What Ontraport helps us do is it really helps us with follow- up, organizing our emails, and making sure nobody is following through the cracks which is very huge for us.” -Jenny Schatzle

The patio of ONTRApalooza for people to relax and to network with fellow entrepreneurs.

The patio of ONTRApalooza for people to relax and to network with fellow entrepreneurs.

I was also fortunate enough to interview Sarah Hetyonk who is the recruiting manager and a part of HR of Ontraport. She started a little over three years ago as an office manager and has continued to grow within the company. Sarah has a true passion for Ontraport and is always excited for the annual ONTRApalooza that takes place every year. This year she was also asked to be a speaker for one of the seminars share her high knowledge on what it takes to create a successful business.

The first question I asked Sarah was what the preparation like for ONTRApalooza. She replied, “We have an awesome events team headed up by our president Lena Requist. We have Angela Phillips, who pretty much plans this conference a little bit the entire year. Every week she is doing something different to prepare for it along with her normal full- time role. We also have an amazing events marketing manager, Hannah, who pulls together all of the speakers so it really is a full year of preparation. It’s all hands- on deck and those three women really take the burden on the events. Like really, Angela is only surviving on cookies and coffee.” -Sarah Hetyonk

My next question I asked Sarah, being a high up Ontraport employee that she is, what the what the main goal ONTRApalooza is trying to achieve. Sarah replied, “I think it’s two-folds. On the one hand you know it’s a marketing conference to promote Ontraport. On the other hand, it is a huge learning opportunity for us because we get so much valuable feedback from our clients and also valuable feedback from people who aren’t even our clients. They are just getting familiar with our software and it’s more about to help them with their business. Not like we’re taking time from your business to come to ONTRApalooza, but rather that you’re bringing your work with you and learning how to do an even better job on your business here.” -Sarah Hetyonk

ONTRApalooza is a life changing experience for you and your business.

ONTRApalooza is a life changing experience for you and your business.

ONTRApalooza was such an incredible experience that I was so blessed to be a part of. The knowledge and insight I gained from these professionals were nothing short of inspiring. I would highly recommend any entrepreneur to attend this annual event as you get full- access to groundbreaking insight and knowledge from highly experienced business professionals.  Even though I was sure the youngin of the crowd, I came out with knowledge at such an early age that will benefit my future business goals for years ahead.


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