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There are numerous of beautiful places around, although many are not easily accessible.

Many students in Santa Barbara do not have access to a car. The reason might be that they are staying for a shorter time, or they just cannot afford a car with a limited budget. Luckily there is a solution to the problem: California Explorer.

California Explorer offers numerous exciting trips not just all over California, but also outside the state, including Las Vegas, Mexico, and Hawaii. The trips offered are affordable to students and it includes everything from transportation to hotel rooms, with entertainment, limo rides, hikes, and other activities offered. This is the perfect alternative to people who want to explore the greatest places around, but might lack the resources for it.

While looking for hikes, I came across California Explorer. For many international students it might be difficult to know where to go and how to get there. California Explorer was offering a fun and convenient day trip to Lizard’s Mouth.

The plan was to make it up the hike on time to enjoy the beautiful sunset. As being so the bus picked us up in the afternoon to take the 25 minute ride to the destination. At arrival we went up the beautiful path to Lizard’s Mouth. The guides were friendly and helpful, making people from different cultures feel welcome.

Mats Myhre, AUSB alumni and California Explorer Tour Guide

Mats Myhre, AUSB alumni and California Explorer Tour Guide

Lizard’s mouth was breathtaking. It provided people with a moment of peace, allowing them to get away from their everyday life and just enjoy the moment. The group was exploring the area and taking pictures of the magnificent view while waiting for the sunset.

Exploring Lizard's Mouth

Exploring Lizard’s Mouth

The beautiful sunset summarized the whole experience with California Explorer. For those who have not yet taken the hike up to Lizard’s Mouth, I highly recommend you to do it. If you lack transportation options, then I suggest you take a look at California Explorer’s website to check out any future trips.

Sunset at Lizard's Mouth

Sunset at Lizard’s Mouth


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