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Antioch University Santa Barbara Odyssey Online Awards!

Odyssey Online is an Antioch University Santa Barbara student-run digital magazine showcasing student voices, written works and docs, while focusing on the local events, happenings and social justice issues in the SB Community. Odyssey Online students are on the cutting edge of events around town and on campus and want to promote their positive experiences at AUSB and let the SB community really see what AUSB has to offer! AUSB students now have an outlet to promote their positive experiences on campus and are able to make connections and establish relationships within the community. With the WordPress platform, students learn important skills for writing, and digital storytelling in today’s new age media that will benefit them greatly in the workplace and long after graduation. After a successful and exciting first quarter and public launch, Jim Murray (Professor AUSB, Odyssey Online Co-Creator and Editor) and Christina Markos (Web Designer & Technical Assistant/Editor) are giving out awards to the students and columnists who made this collaboration so successful. Read on to see the winning feature articles and stay tuned for next quarter’s award season!

Best Long-Form Feature Piece: Katharina Boll

This well-thought out and well-researched feature piece really opened eyes to the “Not So Safe And Accurate” Food Labeling Act. Through Katharina’s use of interviewing the local Santa Barbara Community, readers were able to learn more about the topic in a very user-friendly way. She set up a great feature piece by using different media (video, photos) and rich content full of information, external links and research.

Best Use of Visual Storytelling: Klas Rockberg

Through Klas’ incredible videography, he always brought the best multimedia content. Klas is extremely talented with finding interesting topics/stories/people and taking a sneak peak into their lives. He showed the entire class what a video or doc should be and should include/ With his seamless movement, perfect soundtracks, and behind-the-scenes approach, we were consistently excited to see what video he was going to share next. One of his many great videos here.

Best Series/Follow-Up Piece: Rosemary Schwartz

Rosemary knew she wanted to write a series on her experience in the Santa Barbara Solstice Parade. As a dancer in the parade she wanted to share what the parade was about, where it took place, and the work and practice that goes into performing. She did an incredible job with her “Solstice Series”, with a helpful and informative “Parade” tour video, showcasing where the parade starts and finishes and the history of the parade itself. Rosemary’s tour,“Walk Like A Performer,” went into more detail on the information and festivities of the Solstice Parade. She was also the star of Elisabeth Danielsen’s video, where Elisabeth went to one of Rosemary’s practices for the parade and filmed her and the dance group in action.

Best “Buzzfeed” Post: Esther Kannenberg

Esther really was able to capture the form of “infotainment” in this piece on “5 Reasons You Should Learn a Second Language Today.” Not only was the post fun, easy to read and interesting, but it was also very informative and gave readers a glimpse into what it really is like to learn a second language coming from someone who did it. Esther did a wonderful job incorporating her experience, research, and the new age media “list style” of blogging.

Best Social Justice Piece: Miranda Rich

Miranda went above and beyond in her timely article, “Antioch Student Parking: Taking Action!” Miranda used supporting research to educate readers on the parking issue and how students can take action in solving the problem. This piece showcased something that all AUSB students can relate to and be a part of. Miranda became the voice for this issue and brought the issue to light in her article. Miranda’s research, format and photos made this social justice piece a true winner.

Most Consistent Performer: Nick Salsbury

Nick always came to class with ideas, creative article titles, and input on the short and long term goals of this student-run online magazine. He was always consistent with his work and always delivered on time. When there guest speakers, Nick always asked great questions and cared about the answers. Nick focused on local events and people in the community that were making a difference or had an interesting story to tell. Whether it was content or his reporting-live-style filming, Nick was always consistent and always did the research needed to make an article meaningful.

Best Photo-journalistic Storytelling: Grant Conzman

Grant really brought the energy and focus to each article and always delivered with incredibly beautiful photo slideshows and information to support his content. Grant’s California Weekend Backpacking Trip piece was just one example of what a gifted photo-journalistic storyteller he really is. He made backpacking not only look beautiful, but he made it look like something anyone could do and something that anyone would want to do. He was able to convey through his compelling photos and content how great backpacking really is and provided directions to places and what each place would be like. Not only was it an interesting piece, but an informative one.

MVP: Elisabeth Danielsen

Whether it was writing in her own unique “personal-style”, doing a local review, making an incredible doc or taking charge of the social media (and doing a killer job at it), Elisabeth had the fire and the energy each and every week. Elisabeth was always there, offering ideas, help and bringing it. All of her pieces had strong visual components and she was able to make readers feel as though they were talking to their best friend, as her writing takes on that “personal-style” that has become so popular in today’s media. Elisabeth has a diverse skill set and has an extremely creative and artistic nature, making her multi-faceted and talented in this field. You can see and feel her passion in every project she does. Check out all of her amazing work here.

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