Santa Barbara Farmers Market


Farmers Market in Santa Barbara

The Santa Barbara Farmers Market, ,located in downtown

The Santa Barbara Farmers Market, ,located in downtown

If you are looking for a new fun Saturday tradition, a place to socialize and meet other members of our community or just an option to buy yummy and healthy food; the Farmers Market is the perfect place to go. Located in downtown Santa Barbara you can enjoy local artists while taking a stroll along the colorful stands.

The Santa Barbara Farmers market has been a local tradition since 1983, providing residents with fresh, organic and locally grown food and giving farmers from the area access to local markets. Supporting local businesses and eating what grows in our backyard is not only healthy, it also supports small businesses from the area, strengthens our community and is more sustainable.

The weekly Farmers Market is organized by the Certified Farmers Market Association, a non- profit mutual benefit corporation with the goal to tie together local consumers and farmers. All food at the Farmers Market is grown in our area and is certified organic. Besides having delicious and healthy options, shopping there supports local businesses. The Farmers Market happens every Saturday, year around. Come, socialize and taste some healthy food from our area.

See the Farmers Market official website for information on their weekly schedule and participating farms and businesses.




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