Santa Barbara Musicians Arrive In France During Isis Attacks


4 Santa Barbara Locals Arrive In France Day Before Massacre

On Friday November 13th tragedy struck all across France. Men, Women, and children were left gunned down all across the country. When I first heard about this I was in my room looking at instagram and I saw a professional surfer that I follows post on the Eiffel Tower. I went straight to my computer and there it was blown up all across the internet. France had in fact been attacked and I was left feeling very sad.


A few of the spots that were attacked in France.

This was a scary moment for me because some of my good friends from Santa Barbara had just arrived in France with the intention of sharing their music with the country. They had many different venues lined up that they were going to play at and they were pumped for the opportunity. These young artists go by the name of Clean Spill and it was going to be the lead singers bday while they were there as well. Luckily they are all ok and were able to still play music.

I am curious as to how everything is going to work out for these young musicians due to the fact that last I heard France is not allowing anyone in or out. Whats most important is that they are safe and that they re with each other. I pray for the people of France and all the friends and family that are directly effected by this attack.


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