Santa Barbaraians Local Night at the Market


The Public Market in Santa Barbara located on West Victoria and corner of Chapala Street is an innovative grocery store providing regional and sustainable made eats, local groceries, featured chefs, events, and specialty eateries. It opened up about a year and half ago and has done relatively well in the community providing a unique experience.

pizza pm

Dave’s famous, Pizza Dog!

Each month there is a new theme which sets the vibe of Locals Night. In October, Dave’s Dogs was the featured chef serving up a variety of hot dogs, nacho style onion rings, tots, and french fries. There was even a pizza hot dog which I had to try since those are two of my favorite foods! If you are 21 years or older,I would recommend trying a craft beer or hard cider. I tried a delicious hard cider made in the Sonoma Valley, which was just the right amount of crisp, light and refreshing, with a hint of bitter apricot and hay—in a good way of course. The color of the cider matched my sweater-weather mood with an orange-rosy pink tint with a matching the coaster!

Monday nights are known as ‘Locals Night!’ providing -Happy hour all night long in the beer and wine bar with right beers and wines on tap. Yes, that’s right wine on tap! Locals night also features cheap eats, a relaxed atmosphere, board games, and two plasma televisions showing what else, but Monday Night Football. So you better believe there are some Fantasy Football enthusiast attending this night which is a perfect opportunity to meet your fellow Santa Barbarians to talk sports, hangout, eat, drink, and be jolly. It all starts at 5:00pm.

The theme for November for the Santa Barbarians local’s night is meat, meat, and more meat! Here’s the schedule for the up-coming month. See you there for some food and fun!


Sonoma hard “zider.”

  • November 2: Ain’t No Thang But a Chicken Wing – Four different types of artisan chicken wings with dipping sauces and accouterments.
  • November 9:Nacho Average Nacho – From chips to cheese, this is the nacho plate of the gods!
  • November 16:Stuffed Sliders n’ Stuff – Three variations of stuffed beef sliders with handmade sauces and a medley of fries.
  • November 23:So Hot Right Now Baked Potato Bar – Two types of potatoes and over ten different hearty toppings.
  • November 30:More Wings! More Wings! – Artisan wings, four preparations with dipping sauces and accouterments.



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