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We constantly hear how important it is to think ecologically and environmentally friendly, but seldom do we know why.


1. To avoid chemicals

Synthetic fertilizers are not used in organic farming, therefore making food more gentle for you and the environment. Also, there are high levels of nitrate caused by synthetic fertilizer found in non-organic leafy vegetables that are known to have harmful effect on the human body.

2. More nutritious food

Organically grown food has a higher content of nutrients than food grown conventionally. A review of 41 studies that compared the differences between organic and conventional fruits and vegetables, concluded that organic is healthiest. Here you get an average 21.1 percent more iron, 27 percent more vitamin C, 29.3 percent more magnesium and 13.6 percent more phosphorus.


3. It tastes better

Organically grown food usually taste better than conventionally grown food because fruits and vegetables are not pushed to rapid growth with artificial means.

4. No creepy drugs

In organic livestock there is no use of hormones and antibiotics in the treatment of animals when they are sick. You can therefore be assured that there are no drugs in your steak.

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5. You preserve the ecosystem

In organic and bio-dynamic farming they focus on preserving the interaction between organisms and processes of nature. The idea is to comply with nature, not override it.

6. You preserve diversity in agriculture

Productivity is very central in conventional farming, in order to increase efficiency within their products the end result leads to fewer vegetable types. We get fewer products to choose from in conventional farming, therefore causing the earth to become more depleted.

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