“With great power comes great. Responsibility” or so I’ve heard. I have always wondered what I would do if I saw if someone was choking. It is somewhat unreal until we see it happen.

I mean we see it on movies and TV Shows. When someone is eating calmly at his or her table and suddenly they can’t swallow their food. Or how about when one our loved ones goes into the pool and doesn’t know how to swim, and they were drowning, how would you try and help them?

I decided to do some research and Made it a goal to get certified in CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

The class was an intensive 8 hours of massive information on the procedure to rescue a person and I have to tell you, some of the images they showed were not pretty at all. One major important issue is the safety precautions that must be taken before initiating mouth-to-mouth resuscitation; some mouthpieces protect from viruses or any other diseases that may be out there. Other than that, it’s all about the pace that needs to be applied when doing Chest Compressions. It’s important since the heart needs oxygen to pump throughout the body, and it’s essential to do it as quickly as possible. Some have seen videos on Facebook that you can go to the rhythm of the popular song “Staying Alive” and that is true.

Putting together Arnold to practice CPR

Putting together Arnold to practice CPR

Now that I am CPR Certified, it is my responsibility to assist when needed just on the fact that I am close by, and the keyword here is the word “needed” because some people may have a no resuscitation bracelet, and this can cause significant consequences such as getting into a lawsuit. However, if I see that a person is out of breath and needing help, I need to ask them if it’s okay to proceed with CPR on them. Then I can start the resuscitation, and it may be their last chance they get to live.

If you are interested in becoming certified, here is the American Red Cross website for reference; there are also many CPR videos on where you can learn more about the procedure. Stay Healthy!



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