Lights & Shadows


“Siren Song”


Amber Lea Greene

The wave is coming

I feel the swells, the impending crash 

Frigid waters render my limbs numb – useless

Fighting, reaching, gasping – desperate for a hand, or an olive branch 

I’m caught up by the rip tides

Swept under the waters

Drowning in the hollows of my heart

A sea cave, dark beauty

Treasure trove of broken promises and disappointments

Strange comfort in isolation

A solitary pocket of air teases my lungs

Just enough to survive 

I hear it

The siren song caresses my ears

So sweet, so tempting, 

So final

And the winds blow on

Orbits remain unchanged in my absence

The tide recedes and the song along with it 

Abandoned in my salvation, light breeches the cavern

Sunbeams cast shadow over broken things 

Priceless gems illuminated, ethereal 

And I can breathe again



by Amber Lea Greene

Alone in company, kindred to none

Torn at the seams, missing stuffing 

Invisible girl, dreaming in sepia, to fly higher  

Burned by the fire of her internal sun

Paper doll, broken wings, bleeding heart

Perhaps Icarus could know her

Falling short of expectations

She crashes to the ground 

The shards of her scattered, surrounding her

As broken and mangled as her expectations 

Paper to glass

Like the ceilings, she failed to break

The earth welcomes her back 

To swallow her up from the world that doesn’t 




To each a piece, one for all, maybe more

None for her

But the earth cherishes the shards it gains

They shine there reflecting the beauty of the world, the light

Appreciated for her decay, her broken pieces 



“Flame and Earth”


Amber Lea Greene

I had a vision

The sky is on fire and the world along with it 

The iridescent orb of the cathedral is dull today 

Palm trees ominous silhouettes against the umber sky

The air is tangible – thick with the shame of man’s transgressions

Ash becomes rain and we pray for the real thing 

Wash away our sins 

40 days and flames still consuming

I had a vision

Looking to the hills for guidance 

I look past the horizon in the Land of Carpenters

A wave of earth and I am submerged 

Muddy cocoon with ashen hair


Ashes to ashes, dust to dust 

Fire on the highway, all around

Flames rise to meet the smoldering ember of sun 

Black cloud cover – smoke abounding 

Driving through hellscapes 

Rain comes down and the mountain along with it

Nature reclaims her power 

Earth buries man’s creation 

I had a vision

Photo by RAMSHA ASAD on Unsplash


Featured Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash


About Author


Amber Lea Greene

Amber Lea Greene has a longstanding passion for community involvement. Since moving to the Central Coast in 2010, she has been an active participant in our community, volunteering and advocating for our most vulnerable populations. Amber holds degrees in Communications as well as Social and Behavioral Sciences from Santa Barbara City College. Currently, she is pursuing a BA in the Clinical Psychology pathway from Antioch University. In her free time, Amber enjoys spending time with her family immersed in nature.

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