Sonnet #46


Sonnet #46

I’d be lying if something worth saying

Would compel other people to hear me

There’s no denying apathy’s staying

Listless Americans are too weary

Scrolling, scrying, the content is endless

Antisocial with media, ignore

The crying, the malcontent, the friendless

Never enough memes, we always make more

Laugh once at one tweet, frying our hours

On a calorie-free gluttonous spree

Zuckerberg’s buying our time, our powers

Thousands dying in the land of the free

Our days at work, on our phones, then asleep

We’re trying and tired, and the days seep


About Author


Eliza Kimmel

Eliza is an aspiring poet and musician, who grew up on the Central Coast. Over a year ago, she began writing sonnets, with the hope to one day have written more than Shakespeare. She is currently working on her MA in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University Santa Barbara with the goal to help vulnerable teens find their passions.

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