Social Media: Reality vs. Perception


With Social Media, we are the gatekeepers of our own life and decide what and what not makes the cut.

Social media has been known to be a great tool for connecting people and social trends. However, it is also accused of swaying from the truth.  A photo series by Chomp Baritone reveals the truth behind Instagram photos. Just take a look at how social media distorts reality with advanced cropping and fancy captioning.

Green GardenReality: When you first look at the planetary through the Instagram post one may be thinking that the one cleaning their indoor garden is extremely organized. In reality when we take a step back and look at this photo from the photographers perspective we can tell that this is not the case. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but they do not always capture the experience accurately. This is a prime example of how social media stretches the truth.

Caption: Most organized greens in the business. #greenfingers

Reality: You and your best friend set out to take the perfect instagram photo, one that will get nearly one hundred ‘likes’, hours later, you’ve got it.

Caption: This pose needs to be held for thirty seconds before you’ve mastered it. It took me three years to get to this point. #yogi #verticalplank #morningbliss

The Fishy TruthReality: Life is messy with furry distractions. But we photograph (and crop) it anyway.

Caption: Quiet lunch at home. #nutrition #cleanfood #lunchread


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Travis Frohlich grew up living in Santa Barbara for most all of his life. He is a very unique outdoors person whom loves being involved in action sports such as surfing, flying, mountain biking, riding and racing motorcycles, shooting guns, snowboarding, skateboarding, and many other activities. He has a very artistic side of him where he loves to build, create and make things work that may not seem possible. He is very happy to be here at Antioch and loves just about everything that Antioch has to offer . Travis works extremely hard in whatever he puts his mind to, and school is his job right now so that is where he is applying all of his attention. As Travis finishes up his last year in the BA program he hopes to build his reading and writing skills to a more comfortable level in order to achieve his lifelong goal of being a successful entrepreneur of some kind. Travis attended Santa Barbara City College for about four years and completed his AA-T in communication studies before transferring to Antioch. Travis thought SBCC was a great school but that school can only take you so far which is why he is now at Antioch. Life is good and Travis hopes to make new friends, explore his strengths and work on his weaknesses as he continues the life of an Antioch student.

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