David Courtenay A Legend in the Making


I had the chance, not to long ago to sit down with musician, singer, and, songwriter David Courtenay. As we sat in the marina here in beautiful Santa Barbara he shared with me his passions for music; a passion he carries through most of his life in everything he does. David began performing professionally at the age of 17 after graduating from UCSB with a degree in Theatre. He then made his way down to LA where he honed his musical skills at venues all around the city. He released his debut CD, “Eloquent Cool,” in 2007, which started a buzz that he was soon to be “a legend in the making”. In 2008 David made his way up to Chicago and made a name for him self there as well. There he joined a Beatles tribute band and played the roll of John Lennon at festivals all over the country. Once David moved back to Santa Barbara in 2012 he complimented his musical life style with yoga and became an instructor of this practice. Yoga led him to take up surfing, sailing, and paragliding; All of which have inspired and influenced his songwriting tremendously.

“Whether you find him on the stage, in the Yoga studio, sailing the blue sea or soaring from the mountain tops, you’ll experience David Courtenay as an exceptional voice and presence who will take you on an unforgettable journey down the musical path of Love.”

–      Boz Nobel, “Sessions in the Park” 2013

 If you want to see more of David here in Santa Barbara you can check out his Band’s facebook (via link below) and see where he will be playing next.

For more general information and tracks you can tune into David’s Soundcloud page AND you can Seek out his music on iTunes as well.

FacebookTwitter – Soundcloud – Main Site


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