Kings of American Weightlifting


The Kings of American Weightlifting: Derrick and Kendrick

Derrick Johnson and Kendrick J. Farris are two of the top American weightlifters.  I had the opportunity to get an exclusive inside look at how these two athletes train and prepare for upcoming events at Johnson’s current training facility in Venice, California.

Johnson, who is originally from St. Louis, moved out to California in 2012 to pursue his goal of qualifying for the US Olympic Weightlifting Team. He started his weightlifting career when a family friend introduced him to a gym called Lift For Life Gym, a gym founded to help young people get off the dangerous streets of St Louis. Johnson did not only get himself off the streets by joining Lift For Life, he also inspired his younger twin half-brothers Darren and Darrel Barnes to stay off the streets and become Olympic Weightlifters.

Johnson and Farris are two down to earth athletes that are highly respected in the weightlifting community. To find out more about their lives and their journeys to the Olympics, check out their social media accounts:

Instagram: @4derrick @kendrickjfarris
Twitter: @4derrick @KendrickJFarris
Facebook: The Kings of Weightlifting


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