Golf at Glen Annie


SBCC Golf at Glen Annie

Golf, often portrayed as a sport for the older generation of the society. It is said to be slow, non-demanding, expensive, and associated with strictly dressed men and their silly gloves and shoes. It does not always have to be this way; Steven Lam, Joe Flinck, and Brett Patton are great examples of that. These three young golfers, all former players for the Santa Barbara City College golf team took off at Glen Annie’s golf course a very early Friday morning for some casual fun in the sun.


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Klas Rockberg

Swedish-born video journalist Klas Rockberg was introduced to photography at a young age by his father, Ola, an accomplished alpine ski coach in the town of Åre. Rockberg got his first television experience working as a videographer and technical director at TV Åre, and it was on the slopes of the Scandinavian mountains that he learned to tell stories. Rockberg is also a highly accomplished athlete. He moved to the US to play ice hockey for Lindenwood University in St. Louis before transferring to Santa Barbara City College to play on the golf team. Klas is graduating from Antioch University in June with a BA in Media & Communication.

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