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There is no doubt that Crossfit has taken the fitness world by storm. All around the country new “Boxes” (gyms specifically built for Crossfit) are popping up. The web is jammed with comments about the new athletic practice, with both lovers and haters sounding off on the value of it.

At a first glance, Crossfit might seem like a workout designed solely for professional athletes and members of the military, but that’s not the case. The workouts and the weights are designed for everyone, no matter what level of skill you have in terms of working out. The Crossfit coaches really strive to help each person regardless of their exercise level. The exercises are varied, and can include everything from Olympic weightlifting techniques to simple push-ups and pull-ups. All aspects of fitness are covered.

There is a reason why they call the winner of the now so popular and annual Crossfit Games held in California featuring all the top Crossfit athletes all over the world the Fittest Man and Woman on Earth. I have heard a lot of stories from people who after the first workout are hooked and it is the best thing they have ever done in terms of health and fitness.

“Crossfit is by definition constant varied functional movements performed at high intensity. It is essentially the sport of fitness.” – Eric Malzone owner of Crossfit Pacific Coast.

Last Saturday I went down to Crossfit Pacific Coast in Santa Barbara to witness my very first Crossfit competition, the Santa Barbarian. As a former college athlete and a member of various sports teams throughout my teenage years the last thing I wanted to do was to cheer for my opponents. I was a little surprised how everyone was encouraging each other in this competition even though they were competing against each other. Although there is great race against the other participants, there is also a competition against yourself. The camaraderie of Crossfit is something out of the ordinary and it really shows how passionate the people are for the sport, it truly sparkles in all eyes inside of the box. Around 65 Crossfit junkies all along the central coast of California had made their way to downtown Santa Barbara this early Saturday morning to compete and enjoy the atmosphere of the Crossfit spirit.

The 2014 Santa Barbarians are Emlynn Lanelli from Crossfit Pacific Coast and Matt Samaniego from Poketown Crossfit.


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