#StudentsAtAntioch: Cheesiest Pick-up Line


#StudentsAtAntioch brings weekly posts with the opinion, ideas, stories and much more from the students at Antioch University, Santa Barbara. Here, I go around the campus and ask students to answer a specific question for the week.

Today we asked, “What is the cheesiest pick-up line someone has ever used on you?”



About Author

Julie Stensrud

Julie was born and raised in Norway. She always had a passion for traveling and a distant dream of moving to California. During high school a great interest for business started to grow in her. Therefore, after finishing high school she packed her most needed belongings and pursued her dream; she moved to Santa Barbara to study business. Julie is above average restless, and use much of her energy at the gym or when hanging out with friends. Julie only has one more quarter left, before she earns her B.A in Business Management and Leadership at Antioch University.

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