Officially Poetic



It was a time when we

Were just two

No children alongside


Nights as we chose

Meals uninterrupted

Endless red wine


I reminisce

More often now

Of what seems like a lifetime ago


Missing quiet

Hearing your thoughts

Hearing my own





Brought my carry on

Hate overpacking

Everything inside

Organized to perfection

Each item has been

Cleaned of accountability

Folded smaller and tighter

Matched to a moment in time

Soon I will need

A larger luggage

For my baggage


The Hive

The secrets I keep from my children

Black bees swarming in my skull

If I let them all go

On the route to my mouth

They would sting my tongue

It would swell

Enough to block any

Future secrets from escaping

I let the honey from their hive run

Down the back of my neck

Leisurely onto my shoulders

Sticking them together full of tension

It trickles down to my heart

Enveloping it

In a tacky golden layer

Making it harder to hear

Its beat

It coats my stomach

In a sugary taste of discomfort

That gut feeling

Of what could happen

The honey seeps through my knees

Filling up my legs

So heavy

My toes may burst


It is safer to keep the bees together

To fly and fester

I will relentlessly

Swat at the them


Hoping never to kill them

But to scare them away

My children will not be stung

I have been stung before

I am the queen bee.



Meet my frenemy

Her name is Anxious.

Tonight we are going to dinner

We have a double date

At an Italian restaurant at 8


I am letting her borrow my favorite shoes

Hopefully they will give her a blister

And she will leave dinner early


She could go home and relax

Have a glass of wine

Watch her favorite movie


Actually that sounds

Nicer than dinner

Maybe I will just stay home to

Even if the company is a little uptight

And has horrible taste in movies.


Wednesdays Beat

A short morning drive down the street

Lined with palm trees tickling the sky

To the coffee shop for a vanilla latte

My thighs melting against the already hot leather seats

As I open the door and step out of the car

The song on the country radio

Grabs onto my ankle and wraps itself tight

The strong smell of the coffee shop wakes the tune

Out of its repetitive comfort zone

Waiting in line the intro

Taps my foot to the beat

Each tap a reminder of the seconds passing by

Me and my soundtrack

Head home enjoying each others company

With the windows down

Singing loud over the air

Flooding in from every angle

By the time we are home pulling into the driveway

The melody has managed

to climb my leg and

Find the perfect safe spot in

my left jean pocket

It has the perfect view to witness

The greeting hug from my daughter

That vibrates through each chamber of my heart

The pocket must have been too tight

because as I set down

My cup of jo on the coffee table

The pre-chorus takes a daring leap of faith

Swings and wraps its notes into my ponytail

The weight jerks my neck back

What starts a full out dance

That makes my dog bark at me in confusion

The yap must have startled the track

Because it quickly hides in the nape of my neck

Which was a smart place to relax while I switched the laundry

The beat matched the

Drum of the dryer filled with a shirt

I was hoping to get a chocolate ice-cream stain out of

But with no success

Now a brown spot the shape of Australia

Lingers on the collar

The chorus slides on my right shoulder just in time to

relax and enjoy family dinner

Sushi saturated in soy sauce

Enjoying everyone else’s recollection of the days events

After two glasses of rosé the bridge

Emerges in unison with the sunset

The array of colors cause

The ends of my mouth to curl up

In a small smile

That kisses my children good night

The final lines slowly roll out

In a tempo that matches the one

Of my soul and the soul of my true love

Hearing our breath in the dark

The song dives off me as the final word strikes

And lands among the sea of pillows

And all goes quiet

My eyes close

That long dark backwards fall begins

And as I gently land in my dream

The song begins from the top.


Blue Balls & Green Grass

The razor blade tore through the plastic covering

The strength behind the cut bursting with force

To match the length of time we have been waiting for this roll

Of beautiful fake grass

6 long months


Each round of the rolling out process

Made my heart beat

A beat faster

Within in 7 rolls it is rolled out flat

The green blades of fake grass

Taking me back with their delicate unnatural shape


I can hear the glasses clinking

Cheers! Echoes through the yard

Taste the tart margarita on my tongue

The ice melting under the warm summer sun

The things we will do on this grass


This summer daydream is halted

My eye darts to an imperfection

Three deep cuts through the symmetrical lines of grass

A clear as day mistake


And in an instant

As a women who never could picture

The feeling of a fully engorged penis

A fascinating yet far-fetched feeling

But now I understand

The feeling of blue balls

The ultimate high

And within seconds

The biggest let down




About Author


Hayley Navarro

Hayley is currently finishing her BA in Applied Psychology at Antioch University of Santa Barbara. After she will go on to earning a Master’s Degree. Hayley is a soccer mom to two daughters and spends the majority of her day photographing them. Hayley has found a new love for poetry and uses everyday moments as a muse.

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