Author Trish Hecker

Trish Hecker is pursuing her BA degree in Liberal Studies at Antioch University Santa Barbara. After a 17 year absence from college, she decided the time was now to fulfill her dream of finishing her BA. The MA program in Social Sciences with an emphasis on Women’s Studies at Antioch will be the next step in her grand plan. Her writing credits include Ladies of the Valley, an online publication that presents the victories, trials, and tribulations of women living in the valley, and how they overcome the challenges they face in their journey. Trish is a 47-year-old divorced mom of two teenagers, lives in the Santa Ynez Valley, and firmly believes in order to live life fully, on occasion, we must be willing to leap out into the unknown.


I know what it takes to love someone else the way we all deserve, and…


trigger warning*  She’s a slut.  She’s a prude. Why didn’t she speak up…