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Malena Kirs: The fearless blogger

With about 1000 readers a month visiting her blog, Malena has created something that not only benefits her readers, but most importantly herself.

Malena is 29 years old, born and raised in Sweden. She came to Santa Barbara in 2012 where she started at Santa Barbara City College and completed her AA degree in marketing last year. Now, she is a part of the Antioch family, where she is obtaining her bachelor degree in Business Management & Entrepreneurship.

Blogging has become a trend among young people, especially girls. Being a blogger is not something you just do. However, Malena has formed a blog that is filled with self-reflection, personal thoughts and experiences of her long journey as an International student living in Santa Barbara.

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Why blogging?
When Malena started to blog it was mainly because she was going to stay in Santa Barbara for a long period of time, and needed a place where she could put everything she was experiencing down. “I wanted to create a personal blog where I could keep my friends and family updated as much as possible. I was in a new country”, says Malena. But after a while, the whole blog took a positive turn for the Swedish girl. Shortly after Malena started to notice that more people became interested in her blog, and what she was doing. “I think that is where I realized that my blogging became my part-time hobby”.

What is your blog mainly about?
One of my questions for Malena was “what can we find on your blog”? Malena is a girl with a lot of thoughts, so her answer was pretty simple. “I write about anything actually, I do not really have a filter where I stop myself for a second and think if that post was too much or personal.” On her blog, viewers will find posts where Malena is writing her own personal experiences, and thoughts of life. “I love to put my thoughts and feelings in writing, it is like personal therapy, and it calms me down whenever I am going through a hard time.” The Swedish girl mainly focuses on personal experiences, and what her daily life looks like, and also how it affects her. Malena also says that she is putting a lot of personal feelings online, but she is still aware that she occurs as an open book. “I guess that it is how people get to know who I am”, says Malena smiling.



Who reads your blog?
The original intention for Malena’s blog was for her family now that she has gained a following she explains, “I rarely think about who reads my blog, but I have a feeling that mostly girls are interested in what I am writing. Although, I know that a lot of my guy friends are reading along as well. “ Malena humbly enjoys having following from her blog but reminds true to her self that it’s a positive outlet for her and if other can benefit from it that makes it all the better.


Why should people read your blog?
Through her blog Malena is not looking to give direct advise to her readers, she prefers they gain insight from her experiences. “I think I want my readers to seek advice from some of the experiences I am writing about, but it is still kind of difficult since it is only personal observations.” she explained. So if you are at home with a glass of wine I encourage you to sit back and read a post or two. Malena is authentic and transparent with a beautiful view on self-advancement and has great stories to tell.  Visit Malena’s blog here. Enjoy.




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