Scandinavians in Santa Barbara- From a Viking’s Perspective


What brings all the Scandinavian people to Santa Barbara? There are many unique factors that answer the question and you don’t want to miss it out.

If you have been spending time at Santa Barbara City College or Antioch University SB, then you have most certainly seen Swedish or Norwegian students. If you think you have not, I advise you to walk through the school campuses one more time during school hours and take a closer look.

Santa Barbara has a massive Scandinavian student population where the vast majority is from either Sweden or Norway. If you wonder why it is like that I suggest you take a look at my previous article.

After writing this article I was not yet satisfied. I knew there were more things to find out. Every person has a different story of what brought them to where they are. Therefore I decided to dig deeper into the “Scandinavians in Santa Barbara” topic.

Interviewing Scandinavians and having them share their personal experiences will hopefully provide an answer to the question so many Santa Barbara residents have asked for a long time: “What brings so many Scandinavians here?”

As I walked around the AUSB campus with my video camera I did not have to search for long until I found Swedes and Norwegians to interview. Watch the video to see the result!


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Kim Ahlbom

After receiving his marketing certificate at Santa Barbara City College, Kim Ahlbom decided to transfer to Antioch University. Except from traveling around the globe and meeting people of different cultures, Kim also loves to play and watch sports. His favorite is soccer which he has played himself since age of five. After graduation in June, Kim wants to start up his own company and find new adventures that excites him.

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