Sunday to Sunday: Fall 2015-Week 6


“At Antioch, everyday is a learning experience.” – Daniel Iszak. Photo By: Anthony Jackson, MBA Student, AUSB

A man only needs his best friend — and a camera to capture it all. Fellow AUSB student, Niklas Knoph having some quality play time with Blue Nose Pitbull, Cesar.-Rasmus Hallgren

Middle of November and it already feels like Christmas, my favorite holiday. You can never start the decoration too early. -Angelica Cramér

Joe’s Cafe plays backdrop to another action packed Sunday on State Street.- AJ Skiles

William Sonoma food samples. – Jessica

This is not just a bunch of flying cards, it’s also a ton of practice yet to make perfect. -Jimmy Waern

   Happy student finally recovered from a cold -Carolina Bengtsson

Swinging into week 8. -Avanti Alias

Safe segregation does not mean isolation. In hopes of making a change, this is just a glimpse of people taking action at SBCC’s panel regarding isolation and the incarceration of today’s youth. –Kari Jensen

“As adult as it gets on a Friday night.” – Robin Berger

When you sit at Alchemy Café and listen to the serene sound of the bamboo water installation, that is when your mind spring into action. The coffee also helps. -Marta Bergman

Waiting and anticipating for the panel discussion at Santa Barbara City College on ,”Alternatives to Isolation.” The presentations are,”intended to support our community’s understanding and knowledge of why isolation is used and identifying alternatives to isolation.” – Sujin Chon

An afternoon at Santa Barbara Harbor is the perfect backdrop to relaxation and peace, in a world of disharmony and uncertainty. Nature heals. -Henriette Skådinn

Enjoying an evening at the Santa Barbara Skate Park- Travis Frohlich


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Kari Jensen is a recent graduate of Antioch University Santa Barbara where she pursued a Bachelors degree in Psychology. Throughout her academic journey she has taken the opportunity to express her interests in sustainable food & drink trends writing articles for Antioch’s Odyssey Online and exercising her professional photography skills. With a passion for social justice, she volunteers for the Freedom to Choose Foundation as a social media intern promoting education for second chances. Kari seeks to incorporate her heart-driven personality with her academic voice to make a difference in the lives of others.

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