Sunday to Sunday: Fall 2016, Week 2


Back To School

A new quarter has started here at Antioch and with it comes more stress, more books and more coffee. This is how the Odyssey writers are transitioning back into academic life.


Going back to school includes early morning coffee with this beautiful view from my balcony, this is the best way to start a productive day – Christoffer Kjellberg

Travis Frohlich

New books to read and new classes to attend – Travis Frohlich


Study Tip – Weekend relaxation away from school: Medieval Times – Travis Spencer


Settling back into Santa Barbara life with Elizabeth Holly and Rachel Zook on a perfect Saturday afternoon at Leadbetter Beach – Caroline Smith


Getting some fresh air in between classes at AUSB – Damon Hickman


Nothing says back to school like spending the weekend in the emergency room and taking care of my room mate instead of studying – Alicia Briggs


First week of school feeling just fine with 24oz mason jar of coffee and Bon Iver’s new album on in the background – Camilla Yahyaoui


New week, new adventours! My friends and I started this week with watching the sunrise at Lizards Mouth. The photo is taken at 7am, only seconds after the sun had reached the top of the mountains – Jennie Sundgot


Moon Jellyfish on exhibit at the Ty Warner Sea Center – Dominic Ventura


Weekly commute back from AUSB Fall 2016 through Gaviota Gorge Tunnel – Howard Vega


Spending some quality time with my study buddy – Lia Durham


Study vibes on the rise – Jackson Nazario


It’s only week two… I’m six pencils down, and three more months to go. I’m not liking the odds here – Jillian Fowler


Either you are back to school or back to business, start by cleansing your body with this amazing juice cleanse that Pressed Juicery offers – Mia Hayat


Back to School Under Blue Skies, Fall Quarter Begins at Antioch University Santa Barbara Campus – Bronwyn Wallace


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Lia Durham was born and raised in Santa Barbara. She is a Liberal Arts major with a concentration in Communication and Media. Her true passion lies with film. One of her favorite directors is Paul Thomas-Anderson. He has directed two of her favorite movies Boogie Nights and Magnolia. The way he is able to push the boundaries of storytelling really speaks to Lia. She would love to create movies of her own one day. For now she is happy with watching movies and writing about them.

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