Sunday to Sunday: Food


“Reunions are the best, but reunions are even better over a warm tea, treats, and flowers.” -Caroline Smith

“A little birthday dinner at Lama Dog/Nook.” -Bobby Georges

“Delicious breakfast quesadilla, pancake, and mimosa from Jeannine’s!” -Damon Hickman

“Fun glass, strong margarita, great family dinner.” -Sarah Humphreys

“Lunch made at home!” -Travis Frohlich

“I love the food at The Butcher’s Daughter in Venice.” – Ine R Hansen

“Cheese + potatoes + me = true love.” -Katelyn Boisen

“Lobster rolls, my new favorite.” -Anniken Andersen

“Burger, fries and soda please.” -Julie Nataas

“Give me a spicy red curry and I’m yours.” -Anna Anthun

“It’s not hard to find great food in SB, but finding a happy hour margarita with the perfect ratio of tequila and lime is harder. Thank god for Nectar.” -Alicia Briggs

“Overpriced fancy food in Vancouver. 3 raviolis and 3 spoonfuls of soup was $23.” -Lia Durham

“My favorite food of all time is located at our very own Shellfish & CO.” -Jillian Fowler

“Malibu farms, a dreamy place with even dreamier (is that a word?) food.” -Sammi Beach


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Jillian Fowler

Jillian Fowler is a communication and media major at Antioch University. She will be graduating this upcoming June and is excited to see what the future has in store for her. Jillian is originally from Boulder, Colorado and moved to Santa Barbara a little over six years ago. From the Rocky Mountains to the sandy beaches, she absolutely loves it all. Jillian works at the modern rock radio station called 92.9 KJEE. She started off as an intern and became fascinated of the world of radio; now becoming a Friday night radio DJ. Jillian has strong communication skills and is always striving to do her very best.

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