Sunday to Sunday: Spring 2016, Week 7


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The Mojo of the Motion.

Why pick motion as a topic for Sunday to Sunday? The best answer I can come up with is that we are constantly in it. Whether that might be the weekly commute or a leisurely stroll to the park on the weekend. Motion is all around us. From the lowly insects to a supersonic jet fighter, the world is moving. Even the globe itself remains in constant rotation. Almost nothing remains still. Sooner or later glaciers melt and mountains sink under their own weight. Even a parked vehicle will at some point sink into the ground, only to have trees and bees colonize it’s rusting shell. Buildings will settle, and the oceans are on the rise. These days there are political movements gaining momentum, and crashing within the space of a twenty four hour news cycle. Motion is a force that will not be denied. When the sun finally dies and the earth succumbs to a broken axis, all that remains is a sedentary planet. Hurtling through space at supersonic speed. Still moving.
-Simon Auckerman



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Nicole Cohen

Nicole is a Vegas native but after spending most of her life in Sin City she was ready for a change, she packed up and left for Santa Barbara, California. It has now been four years since then and she is hoping to graduate within the year as a Liberal Arts Major with a concentration in Communications and Media. Nicole currently interns for a Nonprofit called "Freedom to Choose". When she finds free time in between classes and interning Nicole can be found traveling different cities throughout California on the weekends, exploring new hiking trails, shopping at the local farmers markets, or in her apartment cooking up some delicious vegetarian entrees. Her life is full of new experiences!

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