Sunday to Sunday: Winter 2016, Week 4


“My father once told my mum, who was against me buying a bike, that a motorcycle would have been a good work out. I cancelled my gym membership right away and bought a Yamaha. My weight was 155 pounds back then and now, a year later, I’m 154!” #traininghard #arnoldswarzsomething #doyouevenlift – Gianlorenzo Caruso


“Catching some rays in 72 degree weather in January… only in Santa Barbara.” – Sammi Beach



Hiking in the Redwoods on actual redwood. – AJ Skiles



A cold Sunday night in Santa Barbara in front of the fireplace. – Lorenzo Balestrini



Staying active walking around a new place called Casitas Valley Farm for Antioch’s Sustainable Aid class! –Erin Maloney



Field trip to Casitas Valley with the class of Sustainable Aid. – Andy Chan



Getting back up after you fall is an important life lesson, but if you fall extra hard it’s okay to lay down for a couple of minutes before getting back up – Niklas Knoph



Bella and Bella having fun at the beach, which one is which? I’ll let you decide 🙂 – Helen Rosales



“Enjoying a jalapeño burger at Eureka!” – Mederic Didierlaurent



Northward view from Antenna Peak, Gaviota S.P. – Tamlorn Chase


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“Looks like somebody forgot about us, standing on the corner waiting for a bus!” – Simon Auckerman



‘Grubbing out, in the next town over. Beach side, Carpentaria, at The Spot Burgers. – Hannah Cooper



“From Alcatraz, watching the City must have been a painful Black and White experience” – Dimitri Chalupka



Gaviota hike followed by a yoga session on a sunny Friday afternoon. – Linda Sturesson



Going to the Gym be like.. #healthy #dying #santabarbaraathleticclub – Gianlorenzo Caruso



After a crazy climb up Gaviota State Park’s grassy hilltops I found myself doing some yoga-poses in the afternoon sun. I don’t generally enjoy yoga, but this kind was actually pretty fun. – Marta Waldrop Bergman



Went to Hearst Castle this Saturday. The most beautiful place I ever been to. So much to see, so much to do! – Anniken Tronstad



It’s just a windmill. – Jessica Kennedy



An odd little place made completely out of clay and donated paint​ in the middle of the Imperial Valley Desert. Salvation Mountain – Niland, CA. – Nicole Cohen



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AJ Skiles

AJ moved from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara over 20 years ago. A Liberal Arts major, with a concentration in Communication and Media – AJ has found a new passion for writing while at Antioch University, Santa Barbara.  AJ’s other passions include traveling and visiting the National Parks, movies of all kinds (especially sci-fi movies), and foraging for wild mushrooms in the redwoods.  In another life, AJ used to clean carpets for the stars, including Steven Spielberg, John Candy, and former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger – true story. While AJ was fired from that job, he still knows how to properly clean carpets and rugs.

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