5 Things That Everyone Should Know About The MFA Program Offered By AUSB


AUSB is offering a new program which is focused on enhancing students’ writing skills. An MFA degree program can offer you classes in craft and technique, workshops, feedback on your writing, exposure to other writers’ work, and opportunities to meet peers and established writers. Hence, if your dream job requires you to be a good writer don’t think twice about it and take advantage of this opportunity!



#1 Flexible Schedule! 

The MFA program allows its students to have a really flexible schedule in which they have the opportunity to combine work and school without being overwhelmed.

#2 Aspiring To Become A Professor?

MFA is a terminal degree, which means that it better qualifies you to teach at the university level

#3 Created especially to help students with different interests!

MFA is a useful program that will give the chance to its students to be able to easily reach their dreams – either is about working with marketing, communication, or even gaming.

#4 Enhance your critical thinking’s skills!

MFA helps all of its students to become better thinkers in multiple fields. In fact, this program won’t only help you to reach the career you aspire to, but it will also help you under other aspects, such as, personal relationships.

#5 Is the MFA worth it?

Everything sounds easier when we aren’t the firsts who try something. The MFA degree has a long history and recognition – going from only 79 programs in 1979 to 854 today. Many famous writers out there recommend to pursue a MFA degree because it is a great tool that anyone can use to enhance their skills and achieve their dream jobs. Find more examples here!



  • These are just 5 reasons for which you should join the MFA. Hence, if you want to become a better communicator and writer what are you waiting for? AUSB is waiting for you!
  • Launching December 2016!!

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