Permaculture: A Contribution to Conserving California’s Water Crisis


The residences of California are going on our fifth year of suffering from the most severe drought on record.

Nick, Lorenzo, and myself are all students here at Antioch University. I had the pleasure of having these two intelligent individuals as my group members in Environmental Studies Film course this quarter. We were assigned a project of creating a documentary film about an environmental issue that we were passionate about.

California is in the longest drought on record, going on the fifth year. Yes, we have had days where it rains, but not for long. As Californian citizens, we really need to take action in conserving our water. Again, we are in the longest drought on record.

This brings me to my group’s discussion of what our environmental documentary movie theme. We wanted to find out more the severity of California’s drought crisis and how we can help. Of course we can’t stop drinking water. So what are some alternatives we do to help the California drought problem and be active members in conserving our water?


Introducing premaculture gardening, a drought friendly alternative to conserve water and still enjoy the beauty of a nice outdoor space.

The permaculture garden embraces recycling, reusing and regenerating, as well as close observation to the gardens’ natural environment.

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One of major issues about this drought is how it is affecting our agriculture, farmers, and plants. So what is a permature garden and how can it help conserve water? A permaculture garden philosophy combines a new way of thinking about gardening through practical observation on the environment, according to ecologists. Permaculure gardening Learn how in ten easy steps in starting your own permaculture garden.

California’s governor Gary Brown and officials are being proactive in making changes. Besides increasing water usage fees, there are small changes being made that can go a long way. If you haven’t noticed yet, restaurants are not supposed to offer water to customers unless the customer requests it. One observation that had been recorded was unless people asked for the water, a high percentage of customers wouldn’t drink the waters which led to unnecessary waste.

Some of Santa Barbara residences have already embraced this new way of gardening. In this documentary below, California’s water crisis is discussed, and solutions that include more information for permaculture gardens in Santa Barbara. Dawn Murray, Vice President of the Tribal Trust Foundation and an Antioch professor has already started her permaculture garden, as well as a Santa Barbara City College student implementing one on campus.

Do you see a neighbor doing their part in conserving water? Drought Buster is an organization providing a platform to high light an upstanding neighbor or residence which you notice is taking particular care in conserving water in their outdoor space! This is a great way to create awareness and reward people helping California’s drought crisis.

Even though there are rumors of California getting its El Niño this winter to refill the lakes, and brighten up the pastures, let’s start conserving water now!


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