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This is the time of the year that Apple Fans, Apple Lovers, and Apple Sauce eaters sit on the edge of their seat in anticipation for WWDC16 and the new Apple Software and Hardware get announced.

Before the keynote began Tim Cook had the audience take moment of silence for those harmed in the night club shooting in Orlando. For more information please refer to this CNN article.

With the two hour keynote presented by Apple viewers clench their teeth while listening the the announcements Apple has to offer – but this year, it’s all about software. Apple broke their usual trend of releasing new products, hardware upgrades, and the future of iPhone. Apple may have chosen to not declare any new hardware but they definitely didn’t disappoint! Apple blew away current and future developers and software lovers alike with updates on tvOS (Apple TV), watchOS (Apple Watch), iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), and macOS (Mac Computers).

Here are the top 2 features of each category; for even more details click on category name for the full preview of whats coming – completely free –  in Fall for all users. Believe me, there is even more on Apple’s website to be excited about.


1. Single Sign-on: This feature allows you to use your cable provider login information for all streaming Tv offerings; such as Fox Now, CNN, Disney and more. No more logging in over an over again. Not that its that big of a deal typing in all that info anymore because of the next update for tvOS.

2. Apple TV Remote App: This is what Apple TV users have been waiting for; you can now use the app from Apple to control your Apple TV, play games, and type using the iPhone keyboard. Talk about making life easier, no more typing one letter at a time using the Apple TV Remote.


1. Breathe App: This App was designed by Apple to help individuals deal with the everyday stress and remind us to take second to breathe, what a concept. The App will guide you through a series of deep breathes within a time frame that you choose. You can watch your Apple Watch to help you time those breathes or rely on the haptic feedback while your eyes are closed to know when to breathe in and out.

2. New Watch faces, including ones designed specifically for Activity/Fitness: The new Activity Watch faces combine your three move goals, the time, and a quick way to jump right into Fitness App and begin your workout (which you can now share with friends for some friendly competition). Oh and don’t forget about Mini Mouse because she is coming this fall also!


1. Siri gets an well deserved oil change; For starters Siri is now open for developers to utilize within third party apps. This changes the game for developers and how they will incorporate Siri, now its just a waiting game. Siri jumps to your keyboard in a more significant way by upgrading the predictive text; using your location Siri can offer predictions to your conversation related to your location. For example in the Apple Keynote, in the demo, sending your current location is prompted when someone asks “where are you?” in a texting conversation. Obviously that’s not it for Siri so if you don’t use Siri, better get started now.

2. iMessage gets 60% Bigger Emoji’s! Well thats not it, iMessage gets a few more updates such as, adding affects to your iMessage bubbles; shrinking down as if you said something quite, growing larger to show excitement, confetti flying, fireworks behind the whole conversation and invisible ink you must swipe across to read the secret message and even more. Another small but needed upgrade is to be able to play videos from youtube and other content right from messages app rather than having to leave the conversation to watch the video. Simplicity seems to be something Apple loves. Even more to messages coming, so check out Apple’s website.


1. Lots of amazing changes for those Mac users. For one, you can copy and paste across multiple devices. Yes, copy something on your iPhone and paste it to your mac, whoa! Mac will now be able to recognize when you are the person using your Mac and unlock itself. No more typing you password every time you sit-down to do some work, check your email, or just to look something up online. Making our lives easier starts there and ends with whats next:

2. Siri comes to the Mac and she is ready for the challenge! Siri is going to be able to look up documents, photos, and more – all with date ranges and other specific details. If you want to narrow down the search, Siri can do that also. You can ask her to find a email you wrote a week ago then ask her to narrow the search to a specific person. You can ask her just about anything; ever wondered how much free space you have on your computer? How about next time your wondering, simply ask Siri: “How much free space is on my mac?” Yeah, she can do that.

If your interested in watching all two hours to get more details visit watch below or click here.


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