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Kyle From Beware of Darkness Gives Advice To Starting Bands

Beware of Darkness is a power rock trio out of Los Angeles CA. With their cutting guitar riffs, heavy gut punching rhythm section, and acidic anthemic choruses give Beware of Darkness a swagger that makes you want to throw on a leather jacket and ride your motorcycle into the sinking black sun.  While touring to promote their third album”Are Your Real,” which is available to preorder on iTunes and Amazon and stream on Apple Music, Kyle Nicolaides Singer, Writer, Front man, and Santa Barbara local takes some time to provide a little insight and advise to beginning bands trying to break out of their hometowns.

How long have you been playing music?

I’ve been singing ever since I can I can remember. When I was 7, I started with piano lessons from Dick Dunlop. Then ditched piano for clarinet because in 6th grade I thought it was obviously the cool thing to do. Then picked up the guitar the same year.

What were your biggest musical influences growing up?

As a teenager I saw the White Stripes, Jet, The Vines, Wolfmother, & The Strokes within a year of each other and that just changed everything. The first Kings of Leon LP was really exciting as well, same with Joanna Newsom. I have open ears and will listen to anything.

*Who is the coolest band you’ve ever toured or had the privilege of playing with?

Playing with and watching Soundgarden was pretty surreal. cornell’s voice is just breathtaking.

What is some advice you wish you would have gotten before you signed your deal

Probably to have a more work minded attitude.

To really put in time and work everyday on yourself and Don’t worry about exposure and PR. Write really great songs, and don’t suck live. Make yourself and your art so great that people can’t deny it, and everything else will fall into place. I was only focused on outcome and expectation and didn’t really enjoy anything or the process.

In your opinion, how is “Are You Real” Different from “Sanctuary Season” and “Orthodox?

Life and death.

*Three Part Question: *

In your opinion, what can a band/artist do to make themselves more
appetizing to their…


know that in a live show your role as a band / artist is to entertain. nothing else. people took time out of their life and worked their jobs for weeks to buy a ticket for your show, drove in traffic to get to the venue, bought overpriced beer after paying for parking, are probably staying out later then they ever do, and they just want a great show. They don’t care if your grandma died the day of the show or if you have a bad monitor mix or whatever. You’re are there for the audience.

potential representation:

They work for you. Not the other way around.


It’s meaningless.

How much (would you say) does marketing affect the success of your band?

If it sells records and gets people out at shows that’s great. A lot of bands are smoke and mirrors. They can get all the press in the world but it’s meaningless if it doesn’t lead to real people at shows.

What is your opinion on playing shows? How often and when is it wise?

Go play everything and anything you can get. And play it like your playing a stadium no matter how many people are there.

When you’re playing in front of a new audience, how do you connect with

Just sing and play great. Don’t sound bad. It’s simple. A great song is undeniable. Write great songs and people will connect.

What type(s) of representation should young bands be looking for and when
in their development? Does it help?

Good question. Probably a manager? Or agent? It can be the biggest asset or liability depending on who you hire. Go with your gut.

“Dope” Official Music Video

Beware of Darkness Plays this Saturday 09.03.16 at Velvet Jones in Santa Barbara CA, with U.S. Elevator. The Show is 21+ and you can buy pre-order tickets at Ticketfly or at the Door. (Prices may be subject to change).


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