5 Really cool gift ideas for Christmas

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Out of ideas for this year’s Christmas ? Check out 5 of the most original and modern gifts you could get for your loved ones:

1_ Live video camera drone

Live video camera drone

If 2014 was a fruitful year for you, then you could let yourself be tempted by this marvel of technology. These new flying drones are just amazing.. A live video camera hooked to it, HD resolution, 25mn of flight time up to 1000 feet; What’s not to like ? Just make sure the young ones don’t get a hold of it, they could spy on the neighbours and get you in trouble!

Price range: $800-$1300

2_ Aromatherapy Diffuser

1492179_BlueThis discrete bowl allows you to enjoy your choice of different aromatherapy scents. It releases a small dosage of mist into the air every 20mn. Using ultrasonic technology, this diffuser blends water with essential oil to create a fine mist that freshens any space. It is definitely something to get if you are annoyed by your parent’s candles!

Price Range: $40-$70

3_ Entertainment platter

This entertainment platter was designed to let you serve food right from the oven to the table. It is made of  soapstone and wood.
If you are more of a sushi type of person, then you could put the soapstone in the freezer for an hour and then put your sushis on it once they are ready. The thermal properties of soapstone are incredible, it will keep anything hot or cold for a long time!
We all have a Chef or two in our family, get them that platter and they will love you for it.
Price Range: $45-$60

  4_ Vibrating wrist alarm

This silent vibrating wrist alarm  is a very modern and simple gift at the same time. The simplest versions as show on the picture only cost $20. These would be perfect for people that have troubles sleeping because of their bed partner waking them up everyday. Do you know anyone like that ?
Price Range: $20-$100

5_ Tracking Tile

This tiny little gadget is the perfect christmas gift for your absentminded friends and family members who always loose their stuff. Attach it to anything you don’t want to loose, and you will be able to locate it with your smartphone. This tile could actually be used for a couple other things, but I’ll leave that to you imagination..
Price Range: $15-$25

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