6 Must-Have Apps for Today’s Students


Everyone is always looking for a way to make things easier. College students are no exception. Here’s where help starts.

College students these days are more tech-savvy than ever. Technology is infused into all the classes with research and website uploads, podcasts, videos, papers, etc. that it can be overwhelming. We often find ourselves trying to break away from the draw of technology and social media and remember how to enjoy a day outside. However, with the demand for deadlines and information, students must always be on top of their day. But with new apps appearing every day from any tech-savvy person with an idea, it can be difficult to keep up with the changing world.

Mobile applications have become the most sought after tools in this age. Aside from the standard apps (email, messenger, camera) and social media (Facebook, SnapChat), these following apps are a must for any student to have on their tablet and phones to survive.

1. Scholly by myscholly.com             droid-apple-logo-black - Copy

scholly-logo-red Tired of the endless search for scholarships for school? Check this app out. They do all hunting for scholarships. The app asks you the simple “what do you qualify for” questions right off and then searches the database. It pulls up every scholarship you are qualified for and display the due by date right there. You can instantly save the scholarship to come back later and link out to the application. Genius!

2. Keep by Google

keepForget Post-Its and sticky notes, Google Keep is the future. It can hold reminders, make checklists, add pictures, share with friends, and links directly with your Google account. One finger to mark off your shopping list, get the errands done without forgetting where you are stopping, leave a note about homework or invention ideas. Only downside is not iOS friendly but there are ways around that. As with all Google apps, Keep can be accessed directly through a browser. Enjoy getting things done!

3. NaturalReader by NaturalSoft droid-apple-logo-black - Copy

naturalreaderStudents are always busy trying to read something on their phones or tablets. Whether it be an ebook or a webpage, the screens are not conducive to healthy eyes. Check out NaturalReader and have the page read to you. Upload the file directly into the queue, whether it be from Dropbox, Drive, or your device and let the app do its work. Oh yeah…it has multiple languages and voice options to please the ear. Upload that rough draft and let it play back to check for editing. Go hit the gym and listen to your eBook on the treadmill.

4. Docs by Google droid-apple-logo-black - Copy


Why another Google app? Well because it basically replaces Microsoft Office. Have a paper you need to write? Or a presentation? Working with a group? Start a Google Doc, Slide, Sheet, or Form as needed and never need to upload. Changes are automatically saved to your document and linked to Google Drive. Share the doc with your groupmates so everyone can see the changes and make changes easily. Get that paper done!

5. PodBay by FountainLA droid-apple-logo-black - Copy


Love Podcasts? Listen no further. Search for your favorite topics and Podcasters and let the entertainment begin. Whether it’s an assignment or for sheer enjoyment, this app will keep you listening in. It also keeps a list of your recent Podcasts on the home page so if you find something good to share or need to go back to it, it’s right there.

6. OverDrive droid-apple-logo-black - Copy


Connect with your local library! I know, weird. But it’s there. Libraries want their books read and now that everything is digital, they went digital also. Rent eBooks and audio books, all you need is a local library card. Live in a different city than where you go to school? That’s ok. Link to both library systems on the go!

Good luck and may these apps help you through college and beyond!


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