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Of American workers 52.3% are unhappy with their jobs – An inspirational article about you changing your life and the benefits that comes with it

Are you satisfied with were you are in life today? Do you believe that the world has saved something else for you that you are too afraid of taking a chance on?

Daily routines are safe, practical but totally uninspiring. It’s easy to say that you want to change your daily habits but it is a whole other thing to actually do it.
In 2013 the majority, 52.3% of American workers were unhappy with their jobs according to Conference Board, the New York-based non-profit research group. Since 1987, the Board has run a job satisfaction survey every year. An all-time low was faced in 2010 following the Great Recession, when only 42.6% of workers said they were satisfied in their jobs. It has been ticking back up since then but rose only .4% since last year.

Failure that led to success

Failure that led to success

Why is that? Why is it that peoples bad self-esteem tells you that you cant do things, or change to way we are living? Why is it that people let their fear stop them for doing what they love or becoming the type of person they want to be?
We live in a society were we are taught to prepare ourselves for the future. But what if there were no tomorrow? If you looked back at your life today, what would be the best and most important days you would think of? I bet is not the days you just went to the office…

Wanting a life with no challenges means desiring a life with no growth, means Evrard Makon a professional coach in leadership training. To raise above issues we face, we have to allow ourselves the process to grow in order to increase our self-confidence, insight and faith in our ability to achieve what we choose to have in life.


“A life with difficulties from time to time is a continuing inner and outer discovery process that helps us tune into who we are as individuals by capturing our attention, focusing and thinking about what is important in our lives. Issues in life invite us to raise our standards and keep up with our forever and continually growing desires. Problems are a sign that we are alive.” – Evrard Makon

LinkedIn survey gives another view on it though they together with the consulting firm The Adler Group found out that 45 % were “somewhat satisfied” with their job as a whole. But that they were still welcoming new job offers and considered a career change. The survey polled over 18,000 employees in 26 countries to take a look at what factors influence career satisfaction all over the world. LinkedIn’s Talent blog put together an infographic to reflect their findings.



Steve Jobs mentions in a speech for graduates that by reminding himself of death everyday made him change the way he was living. He looked at himself in the mirror and asked if he were happy with his life or if he wanted to do the things he were about to do today if tomorrow was his last. He meant that reminding himself that he was going to die was the best way of avoiding the trap of thinking you have something to lose. And if the answer was no to many times in a row he knew he had to change something.

Two years ago I experienced death on a whole new level. This moment made me realize how precious life is and the importance of living life to its maximum. I also experienced the appreciation of being someone’s biggest inspiration in life. From that day my mother and I decided to completely change our lives and go after the dreams we always been too afraid of taking a chance on.

September 28th 2015 my mother dropped me off at the airport hugging me whispering the words “ I wish, I dare, I can” and suddenly I was on my way, on this big adventure that I’ve dreamed of since a little kid. Today three months later, my mother is the head of her old department and I’m here at Antioch, in this class, writing this to inspire you to do the same. To take a chance to discover yourself and all of your fears, to later go against them and conquer them, one by one.


Personal experiences- Facing fear

Personal experiences- Facing fear

I have a fear of not having control over the situation I’m in, so last week I decided to skydive from 13000 ft. The night before, I did what I always do before I’m doing something new- I Google. I watched movies, read articles about the risk rates, about the insurance, basically anything to get me as much information as possible. This information I believe gives me a hold of the situation but what it really does is that it just makes me even more scared.
By accomplishing such fears you believe that you can do anything, it feels like life gives you straight A’s and it lights another fire of wanting to experience yourself further.

Before I went on that plane I felt like spaghetti, after I felt like Beyoncé being able to conquer the world.

My message for you is to not settle for comfortable – Life begins in the end of your comfortable zone. Don’t minimize yourself, instead make yourself sparkle. Do what you love in order to inspire others to do the same. I want you as a reader to care about this because life is precious and will not last forever. Therefore I want to inspire you to live your life to the fullest. Even if life isn’t a joyful ride twenty-four –seven and that we all have responsibilities and duties in life, we also have to make sure that we have something worth living for. Take one step at the time, challenge yourself and never give up.




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Carolina is one of many swedes living in Santa Barbara, California. She is a media, communication and marketing major at Antioch University with an enthusiasm of challenging herself in her journey to become the best version she can be. Some of her many passions are traveling, design, and dancing. She has a lot of different work experiences, for instance, as a dance instructor for over five years. She believes that communication, especially writing, is the real deal to make a difference in this world. In the future, she wants to inspire others to make their own path and to stand up for their beliefs.

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