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Bad news ahead, if you did not have Pizza last Monday, February 9th, you missed out on National Pizza Day. Luckily for you, I went on an Odyssey to find the most interesting, and most random national days for this month, and gave you an option to explore more. Be excited, and hopefully surprised about some of these days. Little heads up: National Beer Day is April 7th.

Pepperoni Pizza, like the one I enjoyed on Monday. (Creative Commons)

Pepperoni Pizza, like the one I enjoyed on Monday. (Creative Commons)

So while eating my Pizza on that glorious Monday night, I came across an idea. How to inform readers about an accessible calendar, with the most interesting national days, for all of us to enjoy? Frankly, this calendar might not be political correct, and does not have any democratic or republican connotation to it. It is a calendar to enjoy, to make each day a national holiday for something. I agree, some days seem really random, but there is so much fun in random.

Without further due, the 2015 National Calendar about the most interesting things:

To start off, today, Wednesday February 11th is “National Make a Friend Day”. So after reading this, turn around, turn left or right, or leave or dimmed room and go on the street, sit at a bar, or meet somebody at Habit Burger joint on State Street. No matter where you are, embrace this day, and make a friend. You already missed out on National Pizza Day, you don’t want to miss out on new friends. And maybe you could spend National Pizza Day 2016 with your new friends.

Valentine's Day Candy (Creative Commons)

Valentine’s Day Candy (Creative Commons)

On Saturday, February 14th, I present to you, Valentines Day. So if you did not make flower reservations yet, booked a table at a fancy restaurant, or order the chocolate covered strawberries, your time is now. And if you do not have a Valentine for Saturday, there are other options to enjoy the night. Plenty of singles will hit downtown, looking for company at a bar. And did I mention, on Saturday is also National Organ Donor Day (if you are a donor, celebrate) and if not, maybe sign up on Saturday. You will do some good for other people. And if you are single, on Sunday, February 15th, is Single Awareness Day! How much fun is that?

Dog Biscuit Day, try it out at least ones. (Creative Commons)

Dog Biscuit Day, try it out at least ones. (Creative Commons)

I am really interested in Monday, February 23rd, with two very interesting national days. The first one, and probably the most appealing one, is National Banana Bread Day. Yummy… The other one is National Dog Biscuit Day. Yes, Banana Bread Day and Dog Biscuit Day. Interesting constellation, and I truly hope you trust your significant other or baker in doing the right tread for you, as banana bread and dog biscuit rarely go hand in hand, and definitely make for some interesting tastings.

Sleeping Cat, coming up on February 28th: National Sleeping Day (Flickr)

Sleeping Cat, coming up on February 28th: National Sleeping Day (Flickr)

Further on, National Chili Day is on the horizon for the end of February (26th) and my all time favorite: National Sleeping Day on February 28th. Good thing they did not do this on February 29th; it would be a four year long ordeal until you get to enjoy that day again. And February 28th is a Saturday, another excuse staying in bed, and doing something very important: SLEEP… zzZZZzzZZzZz.

I could go on presenting to you day after day throughout the whole year, but I would probably run out of jokes at some point and it would get really boring. Lucky for us, somebody did the work for me, and you have the chance to check it out. Enjoy the reading, and the Calendar, and do yourself a favor: enjoy some of these National Days, they only come around once a year.



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