The Weight of Success: How I’ve Managed a Hectic Lifestyle


As A Student, Young Professional, And A 23-year-old With big Dreams, Here Are A Few Tips That Have Saved Me From Going Crazy.

Lately I have been getting caught up in the hustle: the daily grind, trying to make a name for myself and an opportunity at a bright future. And at the same time I’m attempting to hangout with friends and give my girlfriend the attention she deserves. At times I feel like collapsing and giving in, but I don’t. While friends are out drinking on a saturday night, I’m planning my next move. The hustle — It’s addictive but it can also be destructive.

We wake up to a grueling alarm after doing homework the whole night before, to go work an eight hour shift. Then we hustle over to an internship on a bicycle with coffee in one hand and lunch in the other, trying to juggle a social life at the same time. It takes a toll on your body and mind to the point of exhaustion, and repeating this day after day requires both physical and mental endurance.

Below are a few tips that have really helped me remain composed and focused while juggling a hectic lifestyle.

DSC_0303Manage Your Time: I feel time management is the most important thing a busy person can practice. It allows you to map out day, weeks, and months at a time. This way you never forget when things are due or when you have special events or meeting to attend. Everyone manages their time in different ways but there are certain techniques that could help take you to the next level. Some might use the calendar on their phones, while others might use a planner to physically write down their schedule. This will make your life a lot easier and keep you from forgetting tasks.

DSC_0181Set Goals: There are long-term and short-term goals. It’s very important to set SMART goals for yourself. Make sure they are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Bound. Whether short or long-term goals, make sure you are honest with your capabilities. The worst thing someone can do is set goals that are practically impossible, you have to be realistic with yourself. however don’t underestimate yourself and make sure to always shoot for the stars. Always have a bigger goal you are working towards but always have smaller goals along the way to help you feel gratification and a taste of you’re future.

DSC_0098Physical Exercise: Exhaust the body and relieve the mind. Working out for me does wonders. In the morning, it gets my blood pumping and my energy high for a full day of work. If I am feeling stressed, exercise really helps me clear my mind and allows me to stay focused. There is always something you can do that will help you feel good about yourself, whether its a run on the beach, a walk around the block, stretching, going to the gym, or hiking. Let’s be real, we always feel better after any type of exercise. when have you ever heard someone say “I really wish I didn’t just workout right now”?


Stay Positive: Because why not? Believe me, sometimes you just want to kick a Chihuahua through a goal post because you’re stuck at a red light while running late to work. But guess what. Everything is going to be ok. Life goes on, we live and sure as hell learn, so why not stay positive. I might mess up one day, but tomorrow is my chance to take what I have learned and apply it to become a smarter person. In tough times our emotions get the best of us, it’s normal — we’re humans. Be optimistic, smile, joke, laugh, and love. When you send out positive energy you always get the same vibes right back to you.


Don’t Be Afraid of Missing Out: Realize the importance of moderation. While friends are hungover sunday from the night before, get up early in the morning, eat breakfast feel fantastic and get ready to work or spend some quality time trying to improve yourself. Something I learned from boxing is when you’re getting ready for a fight, train like there is always someone out there in better shape ready to take you on. Just like a savings account, over time things start to add up. Your time is valuable so know your worth and spend it wisely. Make sure you stay on track with your goals and know that your time is valuable.


Relax and Breathe: It’s hard to remember how small we are on this earth. We work towards a career that will give us a happy life. Sometimes we work so hard we forget to breathe, literally. Take time out of your day to close your eyes, envision your future, take in a deep breath, and exhale. When we take the time to practice our breathing it allows more oxygen to enter our brain resulting in better focus. So get out there, grab life by the balls, and remember to stay calm.


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Dylan Oneil Broyles

Dylan Broyles was born and raised in San Diego. Today he is attending Antioch University Santa Barbara and is double majoring in marketing and communication media. Dylan Loves learning new things and in his spare time he enjoys surfing, camping, cooking, working on motorcycles and boxing.

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