What’s the Good News?


What happened to the good news? Many people in todays world have the ability to check the news from their homes, smart phones, computers, in print, etc. but what most don’t realized is we tend to focus on the negative – the bad news.

News agencies do everything can do to report the current events with the least amount of bias. Keep in mind that they focus on the news that will bring more viewers and ultimately make more money, which keeps them in business. In no way am I stating this is wrong but sometimes all that negative news just doesn’t help our mental state.

Some people would agree and some would disagree. I place myself in the middle and everyone is going to have to decided for themselves. Balance is key for Yoga and balance is key to introducing ourselves content. Most parents agree that at the age of five your child probably shouldn’t be watching horror movies and that same concept should be applied to us adults and our interaction with daily news. Simply put; try a few of these websites to browse some more positive news while not replacing your current news outlets.

  • Good News Network – “Your daily source for only good news: Inspiring stories and images from around the world will make you feel uplifted, optimistic and positive about life.”
  • Reddit Uplifting News – A place for user uploaded news to uplift your daily life.
  • DailyGood – “News that Inspires”

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Travis Spencer

Travis Spencer is a Liberal Arts Major at Antioch University Santa Barbara. He currently works as a Creative at the Apple Store on State Street, where he combines his passion for technology with his customer-service based interests. During his spare time, Travis enjoys hiking hidden trails of Santa Barbara and surrounding area. If not hiking you might find him playing frisbee on the beach or disc golf out in Goleta.

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